• Marine Blue


    • Very high protection.
    • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB.
    • Fast absorbing, leaves skin soft & smooth.
    • No slip dry lotion, every day use.
    • Non-whitening & non-greasy.
    • Contains Vitamin E & Aloe Vera.
  • Maternace 30 caplets


    • Maternace is a Mixture of Vitamins, Minerals, Trace elements and antioxidants for Conception, Pregnancy and Lactation.
    • Maternace contains the recommended amount of 21 optimum nutrients required before, during and after pregnancy.
    • Maternace is formulated with ingredients which are non-acidic and gentle on the stomach.
    • Maternace supplementation as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle in pregnancy delivers vital nutrients in a safe and balanced way during conception, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

    How to Use: One tablet of Maternace a day preferably with a meal.

    Pack. & Price: 30 Tablets / Box – 7 KD

  • Spermadol 30 tablets


    • Male Reproductive Health is of vital influence in successful conception.
    • Spermadol® incorporates the role of 25 active micronutrients including specific antioxidants which affect sperm count, sperm motility and sperm morphology.
    • It takes about 100 days for the human sperm to develop and mature, therefore, male reproductive health should be addressed 3 to 4 months before planning a pregnancy.
    • Spermadol® supplementation as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle can help improve the overall reproductive health in males and increase pre-conception outcomes.
    • Spermadol doesn’t contain Flavors, sweeteners, Preservatives, Sugar or yeast, starch, gluten, Wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, dairy, milk, lactose, drugs, steroids, hormones.

    How to Use:  Two to three Tablets of a day preferably with a meal.

    Pack. & Price: 30 Tablets / Box – 10.500 KD

  • Pocket air nebulizer

    Soundless Operation: No noise disturbance during use.

    Portability: Light, compact and powered by batteries. Daily treatments could be done anywhere.

    Effectiveness: Delivers approved inhalation medications with minimal Residual volume.

    Easy to Use:Only four steps before starting the treatment.

    Mask (for Adults) Standard medical grade inhalation mask for adult patients.

    Mask (for Children) Standard medical grade inhalation mask for children patients.


    The Sissel Twin Grip Hand Trainer is a small and effective tool to train the muscles of your hands and fingers. Exercising with the Twin Grip will stretch your arm and finger muscles and increase your blood ciruclations in arms and fingers. It can be used as a part of a training or as a warming up before exercises.

    Specifications Sissel Twin Grip Hand Trainer:

    • Great for training arm and finger muscles
    • Improves the grip of the fingers
    • Strengthens the fingers
    • Versatile in use, offers a lot of training possibilites for your hands and fingers
    • Great for revalidation exercises
    • Elastic and flexible, light in weight
    • Odorless
    • With an anti-slip grip for efficient training
    • Set of two: 1 x pink and 1 x green
    • Dimensions: 5 cm (small ball) x 5,8 cm (big ball) x 11,5 cm (height) 
    • Weight: 340 gr (whole set)


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    Work your hands and forearms!

    • Permits a specific training of musculature and improves the mobility of hand and forearm
    • Works all muscles in your hand and fingers
    • Sissel Press-Ball- especially suited for finger therapy
    • Sissel Press Egg- ideal for hand rehabilitation
    • Available in 4 different resistances
    • Comes with exercise booklet


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    The SISSEL Press-Ball Medium (#162.006) comes complete with an exercise booklet. The blue Press-Ball helps strengthen the muscles in the hands and forearms. It permits specific training of musculature, and improves the mobility of the hand and forearm. The Press-Ball Medium has a medium level strength, and works all muscles in the hands and fingers. 

    SISSEL Press-Ball Medium Features:

    • Permits a specific training of musculature and improves the mobility of hand and forearm.
    • Works all muscles in your hand and fingers.
    • Especially suited for finger therapy.
    • Strength: Medium.
    • Color: Blue.


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    Work your hands and forearms!

    • Permits a specific training of musculature and improves the mobility of hand and forearm
    • Works all muscles in your hand and fingers
    • Sissel Press-Ball- especially suited for finger therapy
    • Sissel Press Egg- ideal for hand rehabilitation
    • Available in 4 different resistances
    • Comes with exercise booklet


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    Designed to build up musculature in rehabilitation and sport therapy!

    • Use to strengthen musculature of hand and forearm
    • Improves the mobility of fingers
    • Continuously adjustable
    • Anti-slip grip
    • Available in 2 different variations: therapy (orange): 2-15kg, Sport (blue): 5-20kg
  • Private Plano Contact Lenses Lili Gray

    Private Plano Contact Lenses Lili Gray

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    Private Plano Contact Lenses Lili Gray;
    Private always give top priority not only to contact lenses, but also to the wearer’s eyes. Private Color Contact Lenses making them not only comfortable to wear, but also perfectly fit with your eyes. Our creative collection of colors will give you the unique and attractive look.

    Works for all eyes: colored contacts are well suited for light, medium & dark eyes.

    Diameter: 14.500 and 14.200
    3 Months Useable Lenses


  • Salix Lotion 125ml

    Salix Lotion effectively resolves to get rid of hair problem desirable for women and men and for the face and body and even the problem of the growth of hair under the skin.

    Salix Lotion working to weaken the hair follicles gradually time after time (where it works to prevent the delivery of nutrition to the roots of the hair) notes the difference in most cases from the first use and
    without closing the follicles and this is very important for the reasons that have been mentioned previously.

    Suitable for all skin types and all hair types, whether opening or dark.
    Suitable for all parts of the body (arms, legs, and face, eyebrows, underarms line bikini)
    Fit for both sexes.
    Results of its content and without side effects, where there have been no cases of hair to be displayed again after using the product. Besides all this, it is a preparation of natural herbs has a pleasant smell
    and Featuring a hydrating material and therefore does not need to use a moisturizer or even wash the desired area.

    Apply lotion (and immediately) because the bulbs have been opened after the hair by disarming for a short time.
    Applied twice a day for three consecutive days.
    Process is repeated every 15 days to get the best results, or after hair removal in the next time the process the same way.



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    Pigeon launches its new BPA free glass feeding bottles, which are exclusively designed to combat the problem of colic in babies. Designed with an anti-colic valve, the bottle is able to control the milk flow into the baby's mouth. Its one way valve allows only liquid into the nipple, ensuring that no air is sucked in by the baby during the time of feeding. The double air vents on the base of the nipple make sure that the liquid reaches the mouth of baby in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. The flow can easily be controlled by adjusting the screw cap of the bottle, which also prevents the nipple from collapsing. The neck and the internal lining of the bottle are anti-bacterial in nature, which allows easy and thorough cleaning of the bottle when used repeatedly

    Features & Functions
    Special design with anti-colic valve is clinically proven to reduce colic in babies
    Made up of high quality materials, making it safe for repeated use
    Bottle has anti-bacterial neck and insides
    Milk flow can be controlled through the twisting of the screw cap
    Leak proof hood effectively seals and protects the nipple

  • Beurer  Manicure Pedicure Set MP 41

    Beurer Manicure Pedicure Set MP 41

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    • For professional nail and foot care
    • With bright LED-light
    • Runs in clockwise/counter-clockwise direction
    • 2 levels
    • Powerful mains operation with gear unit
    • 7 different attachments
    • Sappire cone, long and coarse: Fast removal of thick callus or large weals on the sole and heel
    • Sapphire callus sander Fast removal of thick callus or large weals on the sole and heel
    • Felt cone: smoothing and polishing the edge of nails after filing as well as for cleaning the nail surface
    • Sapphire wheel, fine: Filing and smoothing the nails, fine-grained sapphire disc
    • Sapphire wheel, fine: Filing and smoothing the nails, fine-grained sapphire disc
    • Cylindrical cutter: Grinding and coarse smoothing of dried toenail surfaces
    • Flame-shape cutter: For removing ingrown nails
  • Ea Pharma Conceptio Man

    Ea Pharma Conceptio Man

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    EA PHARMA Conceptio MAN  is a treatment to increase the population and mobility of sperm in the semen and in order to achieve optimal spermatogenesis and promote fertility. 
    In today's society, one observation imposes itself, couples encounter more difficulties in conceiving a child, when the time came and thoughtful and in one third of cases infertility comes from the male. This is a very elusive problem because tests can estimate but not quantify the fertilizing sperm, however, a semen analysis will allow to know the quality and mobility of sperm and can demonstrate a aspermie resulting in a lack of power sperm or azoospermia which demonstrates an absence of sperm. 


    The Conceptio Treatment MEN promotes and strengthens your chances of conceiving a child, when male fertility is in question. It will act on the production, quality and motility of sperm by the action of an exclusive and patented complex. 
    Usage Tips

    Recommended program of at least six months: 
    The Morning: Pour and dilute one sachet in a glass of water and drink before breakfast. 
    Evening: Take three capsules with a large glass of water before dinner.


    + EA PHARMA - Conceptio WOMAN

    EA PHARMA Conceptio WOMAN is a treatment that helps improve and optimize your chances of conceiving a child when difficulties are encountered.  In recent years, couples have delayed the desires of births and often choose a late design, which greatly reduces the chances of reproductive actually very legitimate reasons for these choices are not consistent with the metabolism of the woman and the more time passes, the more the chances of getting pregnant decreases, because fertility is the biological ability to conceive decreases with age, caused by a slowing of ovulation and risk of miscarriage due to tissue relaxation and walls tubes.


    For More Details Search Item No  (205004)

  • ALOEDENT Aloe Vera Lip Balm 4gm

    ALOEDENT Aloe Vera Lip Balm 4gm

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    ALOEDENT Aloe Vera Lip Balm:

    Aloe Dent Aloe Vera Lip Balm + Tea Tree & Lysine (4g) AloeDent Aloe Vera Lip Balm is the perfect size to fit any handbag or pocket. This multi-action lip balm is formulated with Aloe Vera gel to soothe and moisturise the skin, offering great protection for dry and cracked lips. Aloe Vera Lip Balm with Multi Action. Soothing, UVA/UVB Protection and Vitamin enriched.Rish, soothing protection for dry, cracked & chapped lips. Enriched with Vit E and Vit B5. Formulated with Tea tree and Menthol

  • Laica Portable Micro Ultrasonic Nebulizer NE1005

    Laica Portable Micro Ultrasonic Nebulizer NE1005

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    Laica NE 10005 is used for inhalation drugs in respiratory diseases, asthma, airway inflammation, and others. The unit is extremely quiet, lightweight, easy to use and includes both child mask and mask for adults.

    Extremely quiet operation 
    Portable, travel, compact and lightweight ultrasonic inhaler 
    Converts liquid medication into a fine mist, which easily penetrates Aspiration
    Ideal for small children and people who have severe asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases
    Ideal for treatment: pulmonary disorders, trachea, bronchi, sinusitis, allergies and colds
    Very fast and quiet operation
    Drug is injected directly into the throat / nasal electric fan
    Microdroplets to reach the affected part of your airways
    On / off indicator light

  • Wortie Wart Verruca Remover

    Wortie Wart Verruca Remover

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    Wortie – Why is it better?

    Wortie Wart & Verruca Remover has been developed to provide the ideal combination of performance, precision, and ease of use:

    1. Fast

    Wortie has been designed to be easy to use. Wortie is ready to use right out of the package and does not require assembly of small pieces. This easy handling has made Wortie almost twice as fast in use as some other over-the-counter brands.  

    2. Safe

    Wortie precisely freezes the wart by applying thecold via a metal tip. The dome shape of the metal tip allows precise sizeable application of the cold to the wart. Other over-the-counter products do not allow this and may even damage the surrounding skin due to the direct contact of the gas and the skin caused by a one-size-fits-all application.

    3. Effective

    Ex vivo laboratory testing has shown that Wortie has a superior freezing profile to other products which are available over-the-counter. Its freezing profile is comparable to products used by professionals to remove warts.


  • Beurer  Heating Pad HK25

    Beurer Heating Pad HK25

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    Product Description
    The Beurer HK25 Heating Pad is designed for warming the human body. It allows you to apply targeted warmth to the area of the body that you would like to heat. Heat promotes the circulation of blood in the treatment area, bringing oxygen and nutrients in the blood to help the area self-repair and also helps to relax sore, tired muscles.

    This heat pad has a safety system. This electronic sensor technology prevents the entire surface of the heating pad from overheating by automatically switching off in the event of a fault. If the safety system switched the pad off automatically as a result of a fault, the temperature display on the unit is no longer illuminated even when the heating pad is switched on.

    The fastest way to heat up the heating pad is to first set the switch to the highest setting. A lower setting can be selected later if required.

    • BSS® overheating protection
    • Automatic switch-off function after approx. 90 minutes
    • Removable and washable cotton cover
    • 3 temperature settings
    • Precise electronic temperature regulation
    • Illuminated switching positions
    • Approx. 40 x 30 cm
    • 100 watt

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