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Biocol Calory Blocker

Product Details :   Discover Dieteffect CALORY BLOCKER, 100% natural dietary supplement, CALORIES BLOCKER.Formula herbal, mineral and trace elements. DOUBLE ACTION 1. WEIGHT CONTROL ...

Biocol Drenafast Cell

Drenafast cell  Action chronobiologic Day & Night with CLA. A revolutionary bi-active Lunch / night for a more consistent and efficient effect.

Biocol Fat Burener

Biocol Fat Burner helps in reducing body fat (fat located), preserving lean body mass. Biocol fat burner helps to reduce appetite and removing lipids. Contains Green Tea + CLA Clarinol. Fat burner ...

Biocol Green Coffee (Hot & Cold)

Green coffee is known for its inclusion in low calorie diets, which power the metabolization of metabolism, thus promoting the loss of body volume. For this reason it is highly recommended to increas...

Biocol Hydra

Biocol kids hydra is an all natural solution for kids, who suffered from dehydration and electrolyte loss, typically due to diarrhea. The product replenishes important minerals and nutrients lost, suc...

Biocol Kids Apt

BIOCOL Appetite Syrup 150ml Kids APT APT BIOCOL Kids is a nutritional supplement comprising a selected number of plant extracts and minerals, flavors of peach, aimed at children over one year of age, ...

Biocol Kids Ctr

Concentration BIOCOL Kids Syrup 150ml CTR CTR BIOCOL Kids is a nutritional supplement comprising a selected number of plant extracts and minerals, orange flavor, aimed at children from 1 year old, in ...

Biocol Stop D – Antidiarrhea

One of the most innovate product in the market with two vital functions. First: it contains carb, which stops diarrhea. Second: it contains zinc and black tea extract, which rehydratates and restores ...


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