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Fair And White Exclusive Brightening Shower Gel

Exclusive Shower Gel is enhanced with an invigorating scent of Melon and Pomegranate extracts that promote a rich foaming action to gently soften and revitalize tired, stressed skin. Its glamorous and...

Fair And White Exclusive Whitenizer Serum Vitamin C – 30 Ml

Vitamin C serum for brown spots and melasma. It is used for exfoliation, freshness and purification of oily and mixed skin. It can be used with Vitamin C Body Lotion. Ingredients: Kojic acid, Glyce...

Fair And White Exclusive Whitenizer Vitamin C Brightening Body Lotion

Lotion for the treatment of pigmentation and full coloration of the body with vitamin C extract To lighten the body, purify the skin and prevent aging it contains : Pure Vitamin C Diacetyl bolden ...

Fair And White Exclusive Whitenizer Vitamin C Silky Gel

Skin serum rich in Vitamin C and silk proteins to treat pores and freshness and unify the complexion and give the skin a smooth texture. It has a velvety texture for use as a fixture before makeup an...

Fair And White Exclusive Whitenizervitamin C Exfoliating Soap

Rich in vitamin C. For freshness, whitening and scruping the skin. Use as a daily lotion for oily and combination skin Contains apricot seed powder, Vitamin C and Glycerin. Contains apricot seed p...

Fair And White Glutathion Extra Brightening Lotion

Whitening Lotion (Concentrated) Rich in Glutathione and Vitamin C Concentrate 10%. To whiten and exfoliate the entire body and sensitive areas. To unify the color of body skin, hands and neck. AC...

Fair And White Original Brightening Cream

Whitening cream for dark spots and freckles and pigmentation A noticeable result in unifying the skin tone within 10 days of starting use It is authorized for use by FDA it contains : Diacetyl bold...

Fair And White Original Brighting Cream Gel – 30 Ml

A gel to remove brown and dark spots in oily skin, acne scars and signs of aging. It is authorized for use by the American International Food and Drug Administration. it contains : Kojic acid (blea...

Fair And White Original Carrot Body Lotion

Bleached and purified body lotion. It removes sun spots, postpartum and old age. Contains AHA acids Contains Diacetyl Boldine (bleaching substance) Beta carotine 100% natural to moisturize the bod...

Fair And White Original Cream-Milk Extreme Hdration

Milky Moisturizer to hydrate extremely dry, sensitive skin It is safe to use with pregnancy to prevent stretch marks because it contains shea butter Contains urea to replace the skin with lost water...

Fair And White Original Exfoliating Soap

Glycerin soap to moisturize the skin. Contains apricot granules to scrub the skin and remove dead cells. Use as a daily wash for dry skin Contains apricot seed powder and Glycerin

Fair And White So White Pocket Deo Deodorant Roll-On

Whitening for the armpits and deodorant for men and women Long acting for 24 hours. Safe for all skin types. Apply once a day. Cautions: Do not apply to irritated skin


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