• Marine Blue


    • Very high protection.
    • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB.
    • Fast absorbing, leaves skin soft & smooth.
    • No slip dry lotion, every day use.
    • Non-whitening & non-greasy.
    • Contains Vitamin E & Aloe Vera.
  • Maternace 30 caplets


    • Maternace is a Mixture of Vitamins, Minerals, Trace elements and antioxidants for Conception, Pregnancy and Lactation.
    • Maternace contains the recommended amount of 21 optimum nutrients required before, during and after pregnancy.
    • Maternace is formulated with ingredients which are non-acidic and gentle on the stomach.
    • Maternace supplementation as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle in pregnancy delivers vital nutrients in a safe and balanced way during conception, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

    How to Use: One tablet of Maternace a day preferably with a meal.

    Pack. & Price: 30 Tablets / Box – 7 KD

  • Spermadol 30 tablets


    • Male Reproductive Health is of vital influence in successful conception.
    • Spermadol® incorporates the role of 25 active micronutrients including specific antioxidants which affect sperm count, sperm motility and sperm morphology.
    • It takes about 100 days for the human sperm to develop and mature, therefore, male reproductive health should be addressed 3 to 4 months before planning a pregnancy.
    • Spermadol® supplementation as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle can help improve the overall reproductive health in males and increase pre-conception outcomes.
    • Spermadol doesn’t contain Flavors, sweeteners, Preservatives, Sugar or yeast, starch, gluten, Wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, dairy, milk, lactose, drugs, steroids, hormones.

    How to Use:  Two to three Tablets of a day preferably with a meal.

    Pack. & Price: 30 Tablets / Box – 10.500 KD

  • Pocket air nebulizer

    Soundless Operation: No noise disturbance during use.

    Portability: Light, compact and powered by batteries. Daily treatments could be done anywhere.

    Effectiveness: Delivers approved inhalation medications with minimal Residual volume.

    Easy to Use:Only four steps before starting the treatment.

    Mask (for Adults) Standard medical grade inhalation mask for adult patients.

    Mask (for Children) Standard medical grade inhalation mask for children patients.


    The Sissel Twin Grip Hand Trainer is a small and effective tool to train the muscles of your hands and fingers. Exercising with the Twin Grip will stretch your arm and finger muscles and increase your blood ciruclations in arms and fingers. It can be used as a part of a training or as a warming up before exercises.

    Specifications Sissel Twin Grip Hand Trainer:

    • Great for training arm and finger muscles
    • Improves the grip of the fingers
    • Strengthens the fingers
    • Versatile in use, offers a lot of training possibilites for your hands and fingers
    • Great for revalidation exercises
    • Elastic and flexible, light in weight
    • Odorless
    • With an anti-slip grip for efficient training
    • Set of two: 1 x pink and 1 x green
    • Dimensions: 5 cm (small ball) x 5,8 cm (big ball) x 11,5 cm (height) 
    • Weight: 340 gr (whole set)


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    Work your hands and forearms!

    • Permits a specific training of musculature and improves the mobility of hand and forearm
    • Works all muscles in your hand and fingers
    • Sissel Press-Ball- especially suited for finger therapy
    • Sissel Press Egg- ideal for hand rehabilitation
    • Available in 4 different resistances
    • Comes with exercise booklet


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    The SISSEL Press-Ball Medium (#162.006) comes complete with an exercise booklet. The blue Press-Ball helps strengthen the muscles in the hands and forearms. It permits specific training of musculature, and improves the mobility of the hand and forearm. The Press-Ball Medium has a medium level strength, and works all muscles in the hands and fingers. 

    SISSEL Press-Ball Medium Features:

    • Permits a specific training of musculature and improves the mobility of hand and forearm.
    • Works all muscles in your hand and fingers.
    • Especially suited for finger therapy.
    • Strength: Medium.
    • Color: Blue.


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    Work your hands and forearms!

    • Permits a specific training of musculature and improves the mobility of hand and forearm
    • Works all muscles in your hand and fingers
    • Sissel Press-Ball- especially suited for finger therapy
    • Sissel Press Egg- ideal for hand rehabilitation
    • Available in 4 different resistances
    • Comes with exercise booklet


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    Designed to build up musculature in rehabilitation and sport therapy!

    • Use to strengthen musculature of hand and forearm
    • Improves the mobility of fingers
    • Continuously adjustable
    • Anti-slip grip
    • Available in 2 different variations: therapy (orange): 2-15kg, Sport (blue): 5-20kg


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    Light Eye's Dark Circle : Anti-dark circles hydrogel

    LIGHT EYES has been formulated to decongest the eye contour. Its complex of active ingredients associated to a powerful antioxidant helps to reduce eye puffiness, dark circles and periocular hyperpigmentation while:
    1. Reinforcing the eye tonicity
    2. Increasing blood stream
    3. Eliminating pigments responsible for dark circles colouring
    4. Protecting from the external aggressions (responsible for the oxidation and hence greater pigmentation)

    Apply LIGHT EYES to the eye contour, on the morning and the evening. Allow to penetrate with light circular movements beginning from the base of the nose to the arch of the eyebrow and lower eyelid.

  • Viamax Sensetive Gel

    Viamax Sensetive Gel

    Based on the discoveries behind the1998 year Nobel Price in Physiology this Intimate gel uses L-Arginin in combination with high quality herbs to increase the supply of blood in the genital area. This enhance sensitivity and makes it easier to achieve an orgasm. Use prior to sexual activity. The effect is immediate but increases with usage.

    Increases blood flow and moistness. Immediate effect. Sensitivity increases with each application. Condom safe.



    Avomeb is the art of skin regeneration. Use Avomeb Herbal Cream to treat wounds and burns and get the added benefits of herbal components that enhance the healing process. Avomeb is shown to reduce secondary bacterial infections, improve scar formation, and reduce pain.

    Use for: Acute wounds , chronic wounds, surgical wounds , all degrees of burns , after chemical peeling and dermabrasion and after laser skin resurfacing.

  • Wortie Wart Verruca Remover

    Wortie Wart Verruca Remover

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    Wortie – Why is it better?

    Wortie Wart & Verruca Remover has been developed to provide the ideal combination of performance, precision, and ease of use:

    1. Fast

    Wortie has been designed to be easy to use. Wortie is ready to use right out of the package and does not require assembly of small pieces. This easy handling has made Wortie almost twice as fast in use as some other over-the-counter brands.  

    2. Safe

    Wortie precisely freezes the wart by applying thecold via a metal tip. The dome shape of the metal tip allows precise sizeable application of the cold to the wart. Other over-the-counter products do not allow this and may even damage the surrounding skin due to the direct contact of the gas and the skin caused by a one-size-fits-all application.

    3. Effective

    Ex vivo laboratory testing has shown that Wortie has a superior freezing profile to other products which are available over-the-counter. Its freezing profile is comparable to products used by professionals to remove warts.




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    This formula container from Pigeon is sensational. It has 3 compartments to holds pre-measured feeds of formula or powdered milk (each container comfortably holds up to 5 scoops), enabling you to mix fresh formula every time.
    Each container can be independently sealed making it excellent for travelling. You can just take one with you, or if you are out for longer periods take 2 or all 3.

    Guaranteed correct measurement every time and no spillage!
    Narrow design so it easily fits into a bottle bag or nappy bag
    Easy to shake out formula with central dispenser
    BPA free
    Dishwasher and steriliser safe


  • Sundown Melatonin 5 mg 60 Tabs

    Sundown Melatonin 5 mg 60 Tabs

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    Melatonin 5 mg is designed especially for individuals who may need a higher level of sleep support.

    • Because of its ability to nutritionally support sound sleep, Melatonin is an excellent choice for those experiencing occasional sleeplessness.
    • This extra-strength formula is suitable for vegetarians.
    • Free of artificial sweeteners, Flavors & Colors.
    • Free of dairy and lactose.
  • Viamax Maximum Gel

    Viamax Maximum Gel

    Experience the power of nature with this product that combines ancient knowledge with on the edge laboratory expertise. Maximum Gel unique formula effectively stimulates the blood flow, witch enhances penis stamina, creates more powerful erections and increases desire. From our farm in Thailand we choose the best roots of the ancient sex booster known traditionally as Butea Superba, ”the man’s herb”. The effect increases with the number of applications.

    Found in the hills of Thailand, Butea Superba is a natural compound that has a molecular structure that makes it a natural PDE 5 inhibitor making it a perfect natural male enhancer.

    Increases strength and power. Effect within three days. Herbal based and condom safe.

  • Lipo Zen Weight Loss Formula 120 Caps

    Lipo Zen Weight Loss Formula 120 Caps

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    • Lipo Zen
    • Containing 120 Capsules
    • For Men And Women, Athletes And Bodybuilders
    • Slimming Composition To Burn Fat At High Speed
    • Help To Lose Weight And Obesity
    • Regulate The Level Of Cholesterol In The Blood
    • Incentive To Reduce The Level Of Ldl Cholesterol
    • Solve The Problems Of Digestion And Appetite, Gases And Stomach Ache
    • Aderanalinah Aaderanalinah Stimulating And Accelerate Fat Burning And Endurance During Exercise
    • Antioxidant And Help To Break Down Fat Cells
    • Soft Gel Capsules Upgraded To A Faster Rate Of Absorption And Rapid Results
    • Components Have Been Selected And Measured In The Laboratory And On The Level Of High-Quality Pharmacist To Ensure The Effect Of Burning Fat



    Caffeine Anhydrous (202 Mg): Caffeine Is A Naturally Dryer, Which Is The Best Position For The Caffeine To Keep The Strength And Speed Of The Concentration Effect And Absorbed Into The Body.

    Summary Fruit Palm Asay (200 Mg) To Help Lose Weight, Obesity And Regulate The Level Of Cholesterol In The Blood And Prevent Strokes And Heart Disease Due To Cholesterol And Help Get Rid Of Toxins In The Body And Alleviate The Pain Of Arthritis, And Maintain The Overall Health Of The Body.

    Gogolstron (20 Mg): It Is A Stimulating Herb Membership To Reduce The Level Of Ldl Cholesterol In The Liver And The Product, A Substance Known In The World Of Nutritional Supplements And Knows Her Strengths And Its Active Role In The Stimulation Of Weight Loss And Improved Digestion And Overall Health.

    Summary Sage Medical (20 Mg): Is The Oil To Solve The Problems Of Digestion And Appetite And Gases.

    It Also Helps Women To Menstrual Pain To Correct The Excessive Flow Of Milk During Lactation And Alleviate Menopause.

    Sinfrn Hcl (20 Mg), A Secretary Of The Absolute Adrenaline And A Catalyst For The Beta Receptors -3, Which Helps To Release Adrenaline And Stimuli Alladeranalinah With No Damage To The Location Of The Reception The Other, And Helps To Burn Fat And Endurance During Exercise And Improve Digestion Of The Stomach And Accelerate The Burning Process With No Damage Strikes Heart And Blood Pressure, Sleep And Mood.

    Ginger Extract (4 Mg): To Help Alleviate Upset Stomach, Nausea, Vomiting, Headaches, Colds And Menstrual Pain, Cough And Joint Pain

    Black Pepper Fruit Extract (3 Mg) Contain Antioxidant Properties And Help To Break Down Fat Cells And Stimulating The Digestion Of Fat Burning And Longer Hours And Consumption Of Calories Faster And In A Healthy And Normal.

    Daadzma (2 Mg), A Mixture Of Digestive Enzymes To Help Digest Protein, Fat, Lactose And Alcabroheedarat And Maintain A Healthy Digestive System. It Also Helps To Break Down And Absorb Nutrients In The Intestines, Which Is Excellent For Vegetarians And Does Not Contain Dairy Or Soy

    How To Use:

    As A Dietary Supplement (For Adults 18 Years And Older) Taking Two Capsules Before Breakfast 30 Minutes, And Taking Two Capsules In The Afternoon. Do Not Take More Than 4 Capsules A Day. Do Not Take Before Bedtime To 6 Hours.

    Is Recommended To Take Two Capsules During The First Two Days (Capsule Capsule In The Morning And Afternoon) With Increasing Dose Of One Capsule Two Days Later, That The Dose Up To A Maximum 4 Capsules A Day.

  • Leyzene


    Leyzene is formulated to be the #1 most effective natural performance enhancement formula available! Leyzene is the new standard because it only uses the highest quality, and purist ingredients possible. This eliminates the need to take multiple pills everyday. Waiting days or weeks for results is officially over. One pill 30 minutes before any physical activity is all you need to take your experience to incredible new levels.

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