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  • Carrera 2 in 1 Rechargeable Epilator 9143911
    DESCRIPTION Brand : Carrera Type : Epilator Rechargeable/ mains epilator incl. Shaverhead 2 in 1 100 - 240 V (2 x 750mAh Ni-Mh) Rechargeable high capacity battery 18 tweezers for efficient hair removal for all types of skin hair removal applicable from 0.5mm hair length 2 ..
  • Carrera 4 in 1 Set Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer 9154101
    DESCRIPTION Brand : Carrera Type : hair Trimmer 4 in 1 Set Battery operated Washable for easy cleaning 4 different attachments: Nose-/ Ear Trimmer Contour Trimmer including comb for different cutting length Shaver head Eyebrow trimmer including protection cap 2 attachment..
  • CARRERA CR Men Shaver rechargeable 9113070
    No compatible items with CARRERA RED LINE wet and dry Men Shaver, rechargeable/mains, Silver ..
  • Carrera Multifunctional 5 in 1 Precision Hair Trimmer 9163020
    DESCRIPTION Brand : Carrera 5 in 1 Hair trimmer set 5 different attachments, Attachments are detachable for easy cleaning under rinsing water, 3 cutting lengths fine adjustments, Precision cutting, Trimmer - 3, 4, 5, 6 mm, 0.5 to 2 mm adjustment. Power :High-capacity battery. Operating t..
  • Carrera Professional Hair Clipper 9133211
    DESCRIPTION Brand : Carrera Type : Hair Clipper Exact Cutten with absolutely sharp knives is indispensable for a professional hair trimmer. Therefore, a precision blade set made of ceramic and titanium for our CARRERA hair trimmer belongs to categorically. Turbo function Precisi..
  • Carrera Rechargeable Beard Trimmer 9133040
    DESCRIPTION Brand : Carrera Type : Trimmer Precision cutting blade made of stainless steel Up to 45 minutes of operating time with fully charged batteries Lift & Wash system for hygienic cleaning under running water 2 attachment combs for different cutting lengths 2 - 41mm Th..
  • Carrera Rechargeable Hair Trimmer 9133011
    DESCRIPTION Brand : Carrera Type : Trimmer Precision cutting blades with thinning function Up to 60 minutes of operating time with fully charged batteries 2 power levels Combs for different cutting lengths: 3 - 15 mm and 18-30 mm easy to clean under running water ..
  • Carrera Rechargeable Hair Trimmer 9133302
    DESCRIPTION Brand : Carrera Type : Trimmer Precision Cutting System, removable for easy cleaning Combs various Charging time: 8 hours Operating time: 45 minutes (fully charged) Charging LED Ergonomic design Color: silver / black ..
  • Carrera Rechargeable Wet and Dry Men Shaver 9113022
    DESCRIPTION Brand : Carrera Type : Shaver Wet & Dry: Suitable for wet and dry shaving Additional fold-up trimmer Charging time: 8 hours Run Time: 30 minutes Charging indicator (LED) very quiet Preventing accidental activation Color: silver / black ..
  • Carrera Wet & Dry Lady Shaver 9124103
    DESCRIPTION A simple and comfortable shave is possible with the shaver from Carrera. This Lady shavers can be used for both wet and for dry shaving. Accurate results are achieved by means of 3-way cutting system with spring-loaded stainless steel shaving foils. - Wet and dry shaving suitable - 3-w..
  • Carrera Wet and Dry Ladies Shaver 9124401
    DESCRIPTION Brand : Carrera Type : Shaver For Women Suitable for wet and dry shaving Suitable for use in the shower Spring-loaded foil shaving head for ideal adaptation to the body contours Integrated trimmer adjustment: Fixed the trimmer for large areas (arms, legs) Battery op..
  • Carrera Wet and Dry Men Shaver 9113090
    DESCRIPTION Brand : Carrera Type : Shaver For men Stainless steel blades system; Supports wet and dry shaving; 3 way shear system Color : Black/Silver The NEW Carrera Men's Shaver has high quality and it unbeatable. Equipped with 3-stage cutting system with multi-swiveling shavi..