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  • Botex cream 30 ml
    Botex Cream 30ml Descriptions: Botex Cream is the enriched with synthetic peptides which inactive the muscles responsible for expression lines in a sort period. In combination with the peptide which stimulates cells collagen production fine lines on the forhead, around the eyes and the mouth..
  • ZARTAUX Anti Cellulite Cream 200ml
    Anti Cellulite thermo-active body cream based on a seaweed, rich in 200 mineral substances and a type of argil that has the ability to absorb fat. Improves the blood and the lymphatic circulation, while regulates the cellular metabolism in order to help the body detoxifies faster. Provides impressi..
  • ZARTAUX  Concentrated Hyalouronic Serum
    High concentration Hyalouronic Serum, ingredient which constitutes the basic structural material of cellular tissue used for the maintenance of cell cohesion. Due to Nanotechnology this serum does not simply moisturize your skin, but penetrates in depth improving skin hydration and counter-acts nega..
  • ZARTAUX 24 hours Moisturizing Cream
    24hours Moisturizing and protective cream with fine texture. Restores and maintains the skin’s moisture. The biotechnological components retain moisture in the superior layers of the skin, improving the quality of the hydrolipidic membrane, reinforcing skin’s barrier, fighting against dehydration. ..
  • Zartaux Anti Wrinkles Eye Cream
    Prevention and Anti-Wrinkles Eye Cream How it works It offers special care for the gentle area around the eyes. Prevents premature ageing while fights against fine lines and wrinkles. Contains high quality biotechnological and natural extracts. Regular use effectively aids the around the eye..
  • ZARTAUX Caviar Day Cream
    Excellent anti-ageing caviar day cream, rich in Vit. A, B , C and E, oat and sturgeon caviar. Due to it's special ingredients it revitalizes and restores major skin functions. Regular use helps skin become visibly lighter, more refined and youthfully radiant. Prevents premature ageing while fights a..
  • ZARTAUX Caviar Eye Cream
    Complete anti-ageing Eye Cream rich in Sturgeon Caviar. Intensive anti-wrinkles care for the around the eyes area. The combination of drastic ingredients such as sturgeon Caviar, Vitamins A, B, C & E and oat, acting in complete harmony thus reinforcing the defense of the sensitive skin of the ey..
  • ZARTAUX Caviar Night Cream
    Anti-Ageing Sturgeon Caviar Night Cream, with powerful anti – wrinkles and nutritive activity due to Vitamins A, B, C & E, oat and Special extracts it contains. Strengthens skin's tissue while fights against dryness, wrinkles and expression lines. Helps the skin became younger and visibly beauti..
  • ZARTAUX Caviar Serum
    High concentration anti-ageing and anti-wrinkles Serum rich in Vitamins A, B, C & E, Macademia oil, oat and sturgeon Caviar. Due to its active ingredients it consists a total anti – ageing and anti-wrinkles treatment as it deeply revitalizes facial skin. Restores elasticity to sagging skin while..
    Exceptional cleansing foam pH 5.5 for all skin types. It is enriched with special emollient and cleansing ingredients, which leave the skin smooth and soft without drying it out. Ideal for removing make up while protecting the skin against damage by pollutants. Apply the creamy foam to your face ..
  • ZARTAUX Cleansing milk for all skin types
    A gentle cleansing emulsion, ideal for all skin types, rich in hydrating ingredients. Deeply cleanses the skin whilst enriching it with hydrating and emollient elements. Apply a sufficient amount to the skin with gentle circular movements. Then clean the skin with clean cotton. Following, apply..
    Colagene DayCare Cream is ideal for dehydrated, mature, dry, and tired skin. Rich in Collage and nutritive active ingredients which immediate improve elasticity while visibly rejuvenate leaving the skin youthfully radiant. Use alone daily or in combination with Zartaux Instant Lifting Serum. ..
    Colagene NightCare Cream is special for Dry, Dehydrated, Mature and Tired Skin. Its composition contains high concentration of Collagen and nutritive active ingredients which render it ideal for the skin's visible rejuvenation. The powerful active ingredients it contains help to refine visible signs..
  • ZARTAUX Cream Against Acne
    Cream against acne, rich in drastic ingredients such as sulfur and efficient extracts,  which balance oiliness, minimize redness, maintaining a smooth skin.  The ingredients simultaneously prevent and fight against acne, improving the textures of the skin.  Apply twice daily for b..
  • Zartaux Diamond Luxurious Cream
    Diamond Luxurious Cream by Zartaux Dermaceuticals is scientifically developed to deliver the most advanced age-defying results in the luxury skin care market by boosting natural collagen production. Its enriched formula is designed to battle the signs of aging. Diamond Cream is infused with extr..
  • Zartaux Eye Serum Dark Shadows 30ml
            Special Eyes Serum ideal to fight against dark shadows and pouches. Consists an efficient treatment due to the cryo-active ingredients which give instant results. Soft and velvety, ideal for all ages. Helps reduce bags and rings in the delicate area around the eyes. Atten..
  • ZARTAUX Hair Ampoules
    Their researched formula combines Vitamins and Silanols with the active ingredient Octapeptide -2, which dramatically reduce hair loss, helps hair restoration by enriching the structure helping hair growth. For better results, use 3 times per week for minimum 2 months. USE: Apply the ampoules aft..
  • ZARTAUX Hair Lotion
    Enriched with SILANDEDIOL SALICYALTE, Vitamins and OCTAPEPTICE-2, special active ingredients ideal for the hair roots. Due to its ingredients, this gentle lotion visibly reduces hair loss while helps hair regeneration. For better results, use daily for minimum 3 months. USE: Apply the lotion on d..
    It contains mild ingredients which gently removes dirt from the hair without removing its moisture. The drastic ingredients SILANEDIOL SALICYLATE and Vitamin H (BIOTIN) prevent hair loss, while Aloe, Provitamin B5 (PANTHENOL) and LAURUS NOBILIS EXTRAC hydrate, strengthen and improve the quality of t..
  • ZARTAUX Instant Lifting Serum 30ML
    The perfect combination of nutritious components and actives create an instant tightening and uplifting effect. The action is immediate due to the special liquid formulation which improves pene­tration and skin absorption. From the first application the skin becomes even, smooth with a radiant appea..
  • ZARTAUX Lotion for Dry Sensitive Skin
    Excellent Lotion for Dry, dehydrated and Sensitive skins. Enriched with special emollients and hydrating components, which soften and refresh the skin without drying it out. Helps your skin keep the moisture, leaving it fresh and smooth.Ideal to use on your face, neck and around the eyes after clea..
  • ZARTAUX Lotion for oily mixed skin
    Special Tonic Lotion for Mixed, asphyxiated and Oily skins. Due to its emollient ingredients, it removes the skin's oiliness without drying it out. Ideal to balance oiliness and minimize redness maintaining a mat result and a smooth skin. Due to its ingredients regular use minimizes blackheads and a..
  • ZARTAUX Poseidon Creme
    Cold cream rich in seaweed, mineral substances and elements that reduces the skin temperature. Improves the blood circulation, providing oxygen and composition of collagen. Due to the active ingredients it strengthens and give elasticity to the skin. The effects are intense, direct and impressive..
  • ZARTAUX Stem Cells Cream
    Stem cells Luxurious Cream is a powerful dermis restructure agent and wrinkle filler due to the high concentration of the active Leontopodium Alpinum & Gardenia Jasminoides Stem Cells it contains. Stem cells are biological cells, which can divide and differentiate into diverse specialized cel..