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  • Biogena Diakon Krem
    BIOGENA DIAKON KREM 30ML Diakon Krem is dermocosmetic adjuvant for acneic skin, auxiliary topical  treatment for skin with tendency to acne of a prevalently inflammatory type. Based on Micronised Silver, Zinc Acetate and Lauric Acid. Diakon Krem is an innovative combination of 3 active, Mic..
  • Biogena Euserpina Smagliature Cream
    Biogena Euserpina Smagliature Cream Euserpina Smagliature is a cream specifically studied by Laboratori Biogena for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks on the skin. Euserpina’s greatest benefit is the action it performs within the skin, where the stretch marks first form. The second benef..
  • Biogena Osmin Cream
    BIOGENA OSMIN CREAM 50ML Osmin Crema is a restoring and de-reddening cream that is especially recommended for protecting and soothing the skin on your child’s face if it is reddened, or irritated by eczema and itching from early infancy. HOW TO USE IT Apply twice a day, and massage gently with ..
  • Biogena Osmin Top Cream
    OSMIN TOP CREAM Osmin Top Crema is moisturising lenitive cream, adjuvant during remission of mild and moderate Atopic Dermatitis. It is recommended ad preventive adjuvant treatment for all conditions of dry skin, reddening and itching normally associated with atopic skin. The exclusive combination ..
  • Biogena Osmin Top Unguento Cream
    BIOGENA OSMIN TOP UNGUENTO 75ML Osmin Top Ungento is an innovative non-oily ointment, intensive adjuvant for acute phases to relive from both itching and burning sensation. Based on Glycerophosphoinositol, Perilla Frutescens extract and barrier reconstituting compensating. Without addedd preservati..
  • Biogena Propso Cream
    BIOGENA PROPSO CREAM Propso Cap is a pack in cream adjuvant treatment of psoriasis of the scalp, designed to counter the excessive formation of scales and crusts corneas accompanied by irritation, redness and itching. Special cream for the imperfections caused by excessive formation of horny scales..
  • Biogena Slim Go Cream
    BIOGENA SLIMGO CREAM 250ML Biogena Slimgo is firming and reducing cream, adjuvant for weight-loss diets. Biogena Slimgo is a highly effective treatment for toning the body and returning elasticity to the skin tissue.  Biogena Slimgo is any diet’s ideal compliment. It is a cosmetic product whi..
  • Biogena Whitening Cream
    BIOGENA WHITENING CREAM An essential product for the protection from UV radiation and achieve a smooth, light tone and skin radiance. It prevents the formation of new age spots. Lipoamino, solution Diacetyl Boldin and Phyto SORR inhibit pigment formation in its initial stage. Red algae provide last..