Sanitayaki Capsicum Plaster 12CMx17CM 1 pcs

Sanitayaki Capsicum Plaster 12CMx17CM 1 pcs

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Capsicum Plaster


Sanitayaki is a plaster with Zinc Oxide based adhesive,

containing capsicum, and applied onto various painful

areas of the body. Sanitayaki can be used for therapeutic

purposes, because the active substance capsicum acts on

agent 8 which is an effective vasodilator (dilates blood

vessels). Capsicum prevents agent P from being further

synthesized and transported in neurons. Hence it relieves pain.

The structure of the carrier allows skin to breathe.

Intended Use:

Provides quick pain relief for various pains of the body due to rheumatism,

lumbago, sciatica, muscular and joint pains.

Sanitayaki is for patients with normal and sensitive skin.

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