Brand: HemoClin
Product Code: 220004
Price: KD7.800

Relief from haemorrhoids

No more pain, itch and irritation.

Treat the symptoms of haemorrhoids with HemoClin 

HemoClin - innovative application system to soothe anal discomfort

HemoClin is designed specifically to rapidly relieve anal discomforts such as pain, itching, and irritation. Unlike conventional products, HemoClin 's applicator assures that the gel reaches the affected area and stays there. HemoClin is designed as a closed system where the gel inside the container will not come in contact with the affected area until the applicator is filled, removed from the container and applied. This offers maximum hygiene to the user.

HemoClin contains a gel based on the patented 2QR complex (see 2QR video), which blocks harmful microbes and promotes the natural healing process. This gel helps to instantly relieve the user from anal discomforts and its symptoms such as itching, burning and sensitivity.

HemoClin 's concentrated formula guarantees a cooling effect for fast relief and a lubricating effect to comfort and make bowel movements easier. The applicator's dosage system allows for two weeks treatment and reaches the affected area (4cm) easily. The innovative application system is clean, practical and user friendly.

HemoClin Gel is non-toxic and has no known side effects.

HemoClin is a medical device Class IIa. Read the leaflet before using the product.

Say Goodbye to anal discomfort

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