Advancis easylax charcoal 45Tablets

Advancis easylax charcoal 45Tablets

Product Code: 242012
Price: KD7.000

AdvancisĀ® Easylax Charcoal is a natural food supplement that associates vegetable charcoal to fennel. Activated vegetal charcoal is traditionally used in the relief of flatulence after meals, since it has the capacity to absorb intestinal gas, contributing to a decrease in intestinal discomfort and the feeling of a dilated abdomen. Fennel has also been traditionally used in situations of flatulence and the feeling of a swollen stomach. This plant is also used as a digestive stimulus.

When to Recommend
- Flatulence
- Feeling of swollen stomach
- Intestinal discomfort

Recommended Daily Dosage
1 tablet after the three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

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