Laica Desk Ultrasonic nebulizer MD6026

Laica Desk Ultrasonic nebulizer MD6026

Brand: LAICA
Product Code: 203006
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Price: KD24.800

LAICA desk ultrasonic nebulizer: 

  • It is the best device as it is easy to use and stand for extreme quietness and highly efficient performance.
  • Converts liquid medicine into a fine mist that can be easily inhaled.
  • Ideal for young children and people who have difficulty using metered dose inhalers andpeople who have severe asthma
  • Ideal for the treatment of: pulmonary disorders, tracheitis, bronchitis, sinusitis ,allergiesand colds.
  • Very Quick and silent.
  • On / Off indicator light.
  • Equipped with : adult mask, pediatric mask, mouthpiece, tube, ampoules.
  • Exclusive Italian Design.
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