Compact Space Chamber WITHOUT mask

Compact Space Chamber WITHOUT mask

Product Code: 230201
Price: KD9.000

Designed to deliver more medication to the lungs than pMDI alone, enabling patients with asthma and COPD to take control.

Key Advantages
Cross Valve TechnologyTM is designed to provide very low resistance, one-way flow during inhalation for improved drug delivery and ease of use.
Transparent chamber allows clear visualisation of respiratory valve movement and direct confirmation of correct product operation and usage by patients.
Standard 22 mm mouthpiece can be attached to most face masks on the market.
Universal inhaler base has an elastic opening that fits perfectly with all metered dose inhaler (MDI) brands and does not easily dislodge during removal of inhaler.
It is Standard and Compact, and is ideal for paediatric, adult and geriatric patients. Compact can be easily carried in school bags, handbags and briefcases, for convenient storage and handling.
Inhaler base removes for easy cleaning.
MDI can be stored in the chamber body.
For use as part of an asthma action plan.

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