Hypo-Fit Direct Energy

Hypo-Fit Direct Energy

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Hypoglycaemia is an an annoying situation that should be eliminated as quickly as possible . food and drink can be a choice but a controlled amount of carbohydrates (glucose, sucrose, fructose) is a proper solution in order to feel better as soon as possible as it’s a measured way of addressing a hypogleacaemic situation (fast and simple). It is also used to provide the body with carbohydrates energy for those who do sports.

It is in Handy little sachets that can be stored at temperatures of 5 to 60 c degrees,  a fast acting preservative and acts within a few minutes.

Instructions for use:

If you begin to feel one or more hypoglycemia symptoms, check your blood glucose. If your blood glucose level is below your target take 1 sachet and wait 15 minutes and check your blood glucose again. If your glucose level is still low take 1 more sachet.

How to use :

Open easily at notch of sachet. Place the opend part of sachet in your mouth and then push the content out of the sachet using 2 fingers. (see image)

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