NanoMed Smart Double

NanoMed Smart Double

Product Code: 205008
Price: KD10.700


A formula made from natural ingredients extracts and proven Thai herbs to increase frequency of love and sexual desire. The nanomolecules help penetrate effectively.

Features & Benefits
• Increases the frequency of love and sexual desire
• Helps to increase sexual function and erectile capacity
• Promotes sexual function sensitivity & performance. You feel youthful, stronger, for a longer time

Dosage/How To Use
Massage onto the shaft of the penis for about 5-10 minutes, 1-2 times daily or before sexual activity or as needed. (it is not necessary to apply to the tip) Within 1 week* you will feel improved results. For good health keep using it until you are satisfied. You can reduce the frequency and amount used.

* some users may feel the result after first time use, whereas some with erectile dysfunction may feel the result after 3 weeks

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