Revitol Acne Control Face

Revitol Acne Control Face

Product Code: 208173
Price: KD11.700

Regardless of your particular type of acne, there is nothing more effective on the market today than the revolutionary acne fighting treatment ACNEZINE. This all natural and scientifically formulated product is designed to treat your acne from the inside out. This wonderful treatment works for everyone from teenagers to adults. It fights off and eliminates spots, pimples, and even stubborn blackheads. This revolutionary treatment is fast and effective, and because it is all natural, there are no side effects - this is a dermatologist recommended formula with Guaranteed results! That's right, Acnezine has absolutely no side effects and is actually healthy for your body! There is no need for a prescription or dermatologists supervision. It is Fast and Easy to Order Acnezine from the privacy of your own home.

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