Braun Silk Epil 9 Legs Body Face SE9 561

Braun Silk Epil 9 Legs Body Face SE9 561

Brand: Braun
Product Code: 225078
Price: KD50.000

Braun Silk Epil Skin Spa Legs, Body & Face SE9-561

  •  40% wider epilation head : Covers more skin with each stroke for faster epilation.
  •  Micro Grip tweezer technology : Removes more hair in one stroke, even the shortest ones (0.5mm).
  •  Sonic exfoliation technology : More than 3000 micro-vibrations per minute exfoliate your skin 4x more effectively than a manual treatment alone.
  •  Dual Epilator : The unique combination of Braun's most advanced epilation technology, together with Exfoliation Technology makes epilation more thorough than ever before.
  •  Wet & Dry : The Silk-épil epilator was designed specifically for epilation in warm water. It improves your circulation and increase the comfort of your experience while making your skin less sensitive.
  •  Skin contour adaptation : Smoothly adapts to your body contours.
  •  Close-grip technology : The 40 tweezers have been engineered to close at the optimal angle and grip hair even closer to the skin for better removal of even the shortest hairs (0.5mm). 
  •  20-tweezer system : The 20 tweezers gently remove hair at the root for long-lasting results.
  •  Pivoting head : Better adaptation to the contours of the body for more comfort and maximum thoroughness.
  •  SoftLift Tips : Effectively lift even flat-lying hair and help guide them to the tweezers for removal.
  •  Smartlight : Helps easily guide your way through the epilation process and lightens up even the finest hairs for no miss removal.

Skin experience

  •  Massage system : Improves skin comfort to ease the epilation sensation
  •  Cooling glove : The cooling glove effectively cools the skin before and soothes it after epilation to further increase your comfort
  •  Olay cooling wet wipes : Special cooling wet wipes designed by Olay relax the skin before epilation for an even better skin comfort.
  •  Features dermatologically recommended : Silk-épil epilators recommended as the gentle solution to long-lasting hair removal thanks to its unique combination of skin-soothing features.
  •  Waterproof & washable : Thanks to a sealed body, they can be both used and cleaned under running water.
  •  Speed personalization : Select the right speed for your individual needs: Speed 1 for extra gentle epilation, speed 2 for extra efficient epilation.
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