Dr.Sun - Sun Protection Balm D-Panthenol SPF 50 150ML

Dr.Sun - Sun Protection Balm D-Panthenol SPF 50 150ML

Brand: DR.SUN
Product Code: 230191
Price: KD7.800

Dax Sun Lotion after sun soothing D- Panthenol 5 %
Recommended for use after sunbathing or swimming , even for people with very sensitive skin and children from the first day of life.
The high content of D - Panthenol ( 5%) , moisturizes and soothes the effects of sun manifested baking, redness and dryness of the skin Wit. Perfectly softens and tones the skin and protects skin from premature aging. Formula lotion rich in highly active ingredients intensely nourishes the skin, improving its condition , which significantly affects the fixation tan.

Balm Apply liberally to cleansed , dry skin and gently massage . Avoid contact with eyes .

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