Dr.Sun - Sunscreen Cream for kids SPF50

Dr.Sun - Sunscreen Cream for kids SPF50

Brand: DR.SUN
Product Code: 230194
Price: KD6.300

Dr Sun Protection Cream for Children and Infants SPF 50+

This SPF 50+ protection cream is to be used on the delicate skin of children with very fair complexion and high sun sensitivity.
The UVA/UVB Balance photostable filter system, compliant with EU standards, guarantees effective protection against sunburns. The skin DNA is protected and repaired by the DNA-Bio-Regenerator, a natural, rich-in-peptides extract from cotton seeds. The skincare ingredients, i.e. D-panthenol, glycerine, cottonseed oil and extract from Tara tree are responsible for intense moisturisation and regeneration of the skin as well as for soothing irritations.

Water-resistant, protects the skin also during bathing. 
Does not cause phototoxic irritation. 
Fragrance composition does not contain any allergens.

Dermatologist tested. Photoallergy tested.

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