HLCC Hair Serum

HLCC Hair Serum

Brand: HLCC
Product Code: 235003
Price: KD12.000

HLCC Topical Growth Therapy
HLCC Advanced synergstic formula for hair growth and reduce hair fall. HLCC is a carefully balanced combination of vitamins minerals and Bioactive nutrients to treat the most common reasons.

BIOTIN: It is very important for hair growth it renews the follicles and roots of the hairs, it results in thicker,fuller and much healthier hair.

SAW PALMETTO: Clinically developed to help grow your hair to look stronger, fuller thicker and look better for both men and women with hair loss. Inhibit DHT which attacks your hair and causes most hair loss in men and women

CYSTEINE: It is one of the essential components of hair (18%).

L-CYSTEINE: It is very important to speed up the proliferation of keratin (rich cells) and this haas a positive effect on the growth of hair. High cystine levels appear especially in the hair 4 to 6 weeks after use.

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