Brand: Braun
Product Code: 225107
Price: KD36.700

Braun Satin Hair 7 ST750 Colour Saver


  • The Satin Hair 7 Color straightener is designed for color-treated hair. It protects sensitive, color-treated hair from drying out and reduces the loss of color by up to 70%. The temperature can be set individually for fine, medium or coarse hair. Too high contact pressure is reduced by a resilient plate. The result? A perfectly smooth styling that shines longer.
  • Prevents fading of hair color: The Satin Hair 7 Color straightener protects the health of your colored hair and provides a noticeably brighter colors. Its unique Color Saver technology ensures that the temperature is evenly distributed and not excessively hot. Thus, the loss of color is reduced by up to 70% - compared to normal hair straighteners at 230 ° C.
  • Preserves the moisture of your hair: The Satin Hair 7 Color Styling appliances from Braun will not dry out the hair. On the contrary, they prevent moisture loss by giving off when smoothing unique satin ions. These negatively charged ions surround your positively charged hair, pulling moisture particles from the air and pass them exactly to where the hair needs it most. Frizzy hair and static charged a thing of the past.
  • Anti-static styling: The unique ion technology produces a thick brown stream of ions that envelop every single hair. The ion krisselige soothe the hair and neutralize the static charge, so that the hair is naturally soft and shiny.
  • Patented spring plates: For extra protection hair care unique NanoGlide ceramic plates that are three times smoother than conventional plates and significantly reduce friction. In addition, one of the plates are resiliently mounted and after if you in smoothing Pushing too.
  • Suits all hair types: The Braun Satin Hair 7 Color straightener makes sure that it's not your hair while smoothing is too hot.Fine hair for example reacts to heat much faster than thick hair. So different types of hair require different styling temperatures.Therefore, the Satin Hair 7 Color straightener has a hair type, where the temperature can be set intuitively right for fine, medium or coarse hair. And even with the ° C maximum temperature function - for taming unruly strands - the temperature never rises above 200 ° C. Without the risk of heat spikes you get with the Braun Satin Hair Colour straightener a perfectly smooth styling that shines longer.


  • Protects your hair: When coloring and dyeing the hair is slightly changed on the surface. Therefore it is useful for smoothing especially important to avoid any further stress on the hair surface. The Satin Hair 7 Colour straightener smooths your hair very gently, without uncomfortable tugging and tweet.
  • Color Saver technology: Reduces the fading of hair color by up to 70% for significantly more Farbglanz.Colour Saver technology at medium setting compared to the highest level of a 230 ° C Straighteners
  • Satin Ion Technology. For wonderful shiny and smooth hair
  • Superior ion technology: Tames frizz and static for instantly smooth hair
  • Accurate temperature control: display in 9 exact steps, LC
  • NanoGlide ceramic plates: Glide three times smoother than conventional plates and protect the health of the hair surface.
  • Patented, flexibly mounted plates: Distribute evenly the pressure and protect against hair damage.
  • Narrow plates: 24 mm
  • Warm up time: 40 sec
  • Shutdown
  • Cable: 2m with swivel coupling
  • Temperature range: 130 ° C-200 ° C
  • Heat settings: 9 (electronically to match the hair type)
  • Memory Function
  • CoolTouch tip (heat insulation)
  • Color: red / black
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