Advancis Lipo3 + SOS 60+30 Caps

Advancis Lipo3 + SOS 60+30 Caps

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Advancis® Lipo 3 Fat Burner + SOS Fat Blocker is an advanced formula for slimming and wellbeing; reduces sugar metabolism & transforms fat into muscle mass, blocks absorption of fats and sugars. Advancis® Lipo 3 Fat Burner + SOS Fat Blocker is a product to be taken by people on a diet regimen.

Advancis® Lipo 3 Fat Burner tablets is a  food supplement that contains ingredients that improve appetite control, regulate sugar metabolism and promote the transformation of fat into muscle mass and the elimination of superfluous fatness, helping to the reduction of body weight. This product contains a complex of plants, L-Carnitine and Chromium, favoring the reduction of lipid deposit formation, favoring fatty acid oxidation, provides dietary fibers and also has a role in regulating insulin.

Advancis® Sos Fat Blocker capsules is a food supplement especially developed to be taken before high caloric meals, in which frequent excessive consumption of dietary fat and sugar occurs, promoting body maintenance or weight loss. Its ingredients Chitosan, Vitamin C, FOS and Cinnamon all act synergistically to block the absorption of fats and sugars and to promote the reduction of appetite.

Advanced Formula:
Lipo 3 Fat Burner
Complex Of Plants + L-Carnitine + Chromium.
SOS Fat Blocker
Complex Of Chitosan + FOS + Cinnamon + Vitamin C.

Lipo 3 Fat Burner (Tablets): Take 2 tablets at breakfast with a glass of water.
SOS Fat Blocker (Capsules): Take 1 capsule 15 minutes before one main meal (Lunch Or Dinner) with a glass of water. It is recommended to increase water intake, at least 1,5 L/Day.

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