PERFECTA Thermo-active slimming serum 200ml

PERFECTA Thermo-active slimming serum 200ml

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Perfecta Slim Fit

Thermoactive slimming serum

WARMING-UP, CONCENTRATED SLIMMING -SHAPING PREPARATION -operating with the precision of a laser for problematic parts of the body: abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks.

How does it work?

- fights excess body roundness

- helps to remove excess fat

- drains

- works as a corset

- tones the skin and makes the figure look slender

- prevents re-accumulation of body fat.

How to apply?:

Twice a day, massage the preparation onto problematic areas of the body. To prevent recurrence, repeat the treatment several times a year.

Caution! Light heat sensation or tingling associated with the absorption of the preparation is the result of the rapid action of the active ingredients.


After 6 weeks - abdominal and thigh circumference reduced by 2cm


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