Clarilys Cream 40ml

Clarilys Cream 40ml

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Cream for reducing spots caused by uneven distribution of pigment on skin and for evening skin tone

Pigment spots are form for different reasons. A genetic predisposition is boosted by solar radiation, hormonal changes (pregnancy, use of contraceptive pills), ageing. Pigment spots mostly form in superficial layers of the skin (in epidermis). Pigment spots in the superficial layers of epidermis and uneven complexion of hyperpigmented skin can be improved with depigmentation creams. 

CLARIlys helps to even the skin tone with the help of three active ingredients:
1) anti-pigmentation ingredients block the main stages in the formation of the cell pigment, melamine:
• arbutin restricts the synthesis of melanin,
• Vitamin  C reduces the production of melanin;
2) patented active ingredient URODIUM helps the anti-pigmentation active ingredient to penetrate into skin and therefore increases the product efficiency;
3) peeling active ingredients (urea and AHAs) accelerate the removal of pigmented cells.

CLARIlys is silky and with excellent skin-penetrating properties and it is easy to use.  
Use the cream on hyperpigmented surface of skin in the morning and in the evening.  

It is easier to prevent pigment spots caused by sun than to remove them later. Therefore, it is definitely important to additionally use efficient sunscreens.  
Does not contain any odorants. Avoid contact with eyes. Store at temperature up to 25°C.

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