Dr.Sun - Tanning accelerator 150ML

Dr.Sun - Tanning accelerator 150ML

Brand: DR.SUN
Product Code: 230192
Price: KD7.800

Dr Sun Tanning Accelerator

The tanning accelerator helps achieve the effect of healthy tan in short time in changeable weather. It is also recommended for a solarium.
This state-of-the-art product contains L-tyrosine, a natural substance which accelerates getting a tan. L-tyrosine stimulates production of melanin – a skin pigment responsible for the tan effect.  Thanks to the skincare ingredients, i.e. cocoa butter isolated from the cocoa tree seeds and glycerine, the product provides excellent moisturisation, regeneration and the beautiful colour tan. The product is instantly absorbed and does not leave an greasy film on the skin. 

Does not cause phototoxic irritation. 
Fragrance composition does not contain any allergens.

Dermatologist tested. Photoallergy tested

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