Dr Sun Sunscreen balm for kids SPF 30 plus 2015

Dr Sun Sunscreen balm for kids SPF 30 plus 2015

Brand: DR.SUN
Product Code: 230195
Price: KD7.800

Dr Sun Balm for Children SPF 30

This SPF 30 sun balm for children protects the delicate skin of children with very fair complexion and high sun sensitivity.
The UVA/UVB Balance photostable filter system, compliant with EU standards, guarantees effective protection against sunburns. The skin's DNA is protected and repaired by the DNA-Bio-Regenerator, a natural, rich-in-peptides extract from cotton seeds. The skincare ingredients, i.e. D-panthenol and glycerine, which are responsible for intense moisturisation and soothing irritations.

Water-resistant, protects the skin also during bathing. 
Does not cause phototoxic irritation. 
Fragrance composition does not contain any allergens.

Dermatologist tested. Photoallergy tested.
Approved by the Polish Institute of Mother and Child

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