Pedag Gel full Insoles 175

Pedag Gel full Insoles 175

Brand: PEDAG
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Pedag Gel  Insoles

The Pedag Gel  Insoles are highly elastic and extremely cushioning insoles that distribute weight and pressure throughout the entire foot. By giving you a more even weight distribution, the Pedag Gel  Insoles help to reduce the impact on your joints.

Who Can Benefit from the Pedag Gel  Insoles?

The Pedag Gel  Insoles have been designed especially to reduce the stress that feet are under after standing for an extended period. This makes the insoles well suited to people who have to stand as part of their job including waiting staff, shop attendants, factory workers and warehouse workers. The insoles are also great for people suffering from joint pain and back pain.

Features and Benefits of the Pedag Gel  Insoles

Comfort and Protection

The Pedag Gel  Insoles reduce the load peaks in the forefoot and heel, making sure that there are no areas of your foot being placed under undue stress. Due to the elasticity and good resilience of the special high tech gel, the Pedag  also reduces the impact on the joints, especially at the ankles, knees and hips. This same elasticity and resilience can even help to protect your ligaments and spine. With all of this protection, you have a better chance of avoiding soreness and injury in these areas.

The Pedag Gel  Insoles incorporate a raised arch to ensure maximum support for the foot. This means that you achieve an even greater level of protection and comfort from your insole.

Microfibre Velour Surface

The Pedag Gel  Insoles have a velvety microfibre velour surface that make your feet feel comfortably soft and absorb moisture at the same time. With this more comfortable and hygienic surface, it is possible to wear the insoles for extended periods without discomfort. The Pedag Gel  Insoles features materials that can be hand washed for better hygiene and cut to ensure good sizing.

Size Guide for the Pedag Gel  Insoles:

The Pedag Gel  Insoles are available in 2 sizes. Each size features "Cut to Size" lines that enable you to trim the insoles to a size that is perfect for you. Please refer to the size chart below for more information about suitability.

European Shoe Size

UK Shoe Size Women

UK Shoe Size Men

36 - 40

3 - 7


41 - 46


7 - 12


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