Pedag Toe Cap Art 275

Pedag Toe Cap Art 275

Brand: PEDAG
Product Code: 211173, 74
Price: KD1.800

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Product description

Protects and relieves toes with nail issues and corns.

The pedag TOE CAP protects the tips of the toes and relieves pain caused by corns and painful nail problems. Our TOE CAP also alleviates problems concerning ingrown nails and damaged nerves at the tips of the toes, taking away the pressure and relieving the toes. If required, the top of the TOE CAP can be cut off in order to use it as a toe strip.

Our toes bear a great load and are frequently stressed and strained. Tight shoes, high heels, intense sport activities, deformities and injuries thus damage our toes. The pedag toe protection products offer solutions for a large variety of toe related issues. They are made of a flexible and hygienic gel that is highly elastic and tear-resistant and adapts to any kind of toe and foot. Furthermore, our gel products contain moisturising lotion that is kind to the skin and makes them a pleasure to use.

The pedag TOE CAP can be rinsed with water.

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