Sebamed Baby Oilwipes 70 pc

Sebamed Baby Oilwipes 70 pc

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Sebamed Baby Oil Wipes:
Cleaning the nappy area thoroughly after an excretion can be messy and unpleasant. But not with the Sebamed Baby Oil Wipes! Specially formulated to gently remove any tough residue, it makes the cleaning-up easier, faster and more pleasant. It contains moisturizing compounds that isolates the nappy area during wiping, avoiding direct contact with faeces and urine -- 2 substances that cause dermatitis. Its acid pH prevents the uncontrolled proliferation of microorganisms that cause skin irritation and allergies, too. The neat canister makes it very handy for parents on the go! Take it with you anywhere for better care, hygiene and santitation for the little one. 

Excrement residues are removed without skin irritation. Rich natural oils safeguard against irritation and dryness
Panthenyl triacetate, a precursor of panthenol, promotes the regeneration and healing of the skin. Wheat bran extract oil offers biological protection against irritation. Handy at home and away, Hygienic and convenient to discard after use Indications, Especially indicated for soft and gentle cleansing of the diaper area

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