PERFECTA Anti-cellulite body balm for pregnant woman 200ml

PERFECTA Anti-cellulite body balm for pregnant woman 200ml

Product Code: 230131
Price: KD18.000

Product recommended for women during pregnancy (starting from the 4th month) and breast feeding, for body care.

How it works?

Concentrated extract of Centella Asiatica and L-carnitin prevent new cellulite from appearing and reduce the existing orange skin by delicately breaking up lipid lodgements. Marigold extract and vitamin E improve skin elasticity and stretching ability, while moisturising it and alleviating any irritation.
The preparation was positively reviewed by the Institute of Mother and Child. Free from parabens and colorants. The fragrance composition does not contain allergens. Does not blur ultrasound results.

Directions for use
Twice a day massage the balm gently into the places with cellulite or especially liable to cellulite appearance ( thighs, hips, bums and shoulders ).

The effect
Moisturised, elastic and firm skin with visibly reduced cellulite

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