PERFECTA hygiene gel-pregnant -postnatal woman 300ml

PERFECTA hygiene gel-pregnant -postnatal woman 300ml

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Perfecta MAMA
Preparations for pregnant women (from the fourth month of pregnancy) and breast feeding mothers.
Cosmetics were designed very carefully on the basis of only natural, plant-origin ingredients that provide effective treatment, and at the same time are completely safe for children.

Product recommended for women during pregnancy and after labour for intimate hygiene.

How it works?
Extracts from oak bark and tormentil herbs prevent inflammations, infections and irritations, facilitating faster regeneration of skin damages after labour. 
D-panthenol and allantoin moisture and prevent mucous membranes from drying. 
Milk acid helps maintain physiological pH and creates a natural barrier against unwanted bacteria. 
The preparation was positively reviewed by the Institute of Mother and Child. Does not blur ultrasound results. Non-fragrant and free from colorants.

The effect
The feeling of freshness and cleanliness whole day long. Unpleasant smell neutralised.

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