Lipo Zen Weight Loss Formula 120 Caps

Lipo Zen Weight Loss Formula 120 Caps

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  • Lipo Zen
  • Containing 120 Capsules
  • For Men And Women, Athletes And Bodybuilders
  • Slimming Composition To Burn Fat At High Speed
  • Help To Lose Weight And Obesity
  • Regulate The Level Of Cholesterol In The Blood
  • Incentive To Reduce The Level Of Ldl Cholesterol
  • Solve The Problems Of Digestion And Appetite, Gases And Stomach Ache
  • Aderanalinah Aaderanalinah Stimulating And Accelerate Fat Burning And Endurance During Exercise
  • Antioxidant And Help To Break Down Fat Cells
  • Soft Gel Capsules Upgraded To A Faster Rate Of Absorption And Rapid Results
  • Components Have Been Selected And Measured In The Laboratory And On The Level Of High-Quality Pharmacist To Ensure The Effect Of Burning Fat



Caffeine Anhydrous (202 Mg): Caffeine Is A Naturally Dryer, Which Is The Best Position For The Caffeine To Keep The Strength And Speed Of The Concentration Effect And Absorbed Into The Body.

Summary Fruit Palm Asay (200 Mg) To Help Lose Weight, Obesity And Regulate The Level Of Cholesterol In The Blood And Prevent Strokes And Heart Disease Due To Cholesterol And Help Get Rid Of Toxins In The Body And Alleviate The Pain Of Arthritis, And Maintain The Overall Health Of The Body.

Gogolstron (20 Mg): It Is A Stimulating Herb Membership To Reduce The Level Of Ldl Cholesterol In The Liver And The Product, A Substance Known In The World Of Nutritional Supplements And Knows Her Strengths And Its Active Role In The Stimulation Of Weight Loss And Improved Digestion And Overall Health.

Summary Sage Medical (20 Mg): Is The Oil To Solve The Problems Of Digestion And Appetite And Gases.

It Also Helps Women To Menstrual Pain To Correct The Excessive Flow Of Milk During Lactation And Alleviate Menopause.

Sinfrn Hcl (20 Mg), A Secretary Of The Absolute Adrenaline And A Catalyst For The Beta Receptors -3, Which Helps To Release Adrenaline And Stimuli Alladeranalinah With No Damage To The Location Of The Reception The Other, And Helps To Burn Fat And Endurance During Exercise And Improve Digestion Of The Stomach And Accelerate The Burning Process With No Damage Strikes Heart And Blood Pressure, Sleep And Mood.

Ginger Extract (4 Mg): To Help Alleviate Upset Stomach, Nausea, Vomiting, Headaches, Colds And Menstrual Pain, Cough And Joint Pain

Black Pepper Fruit Extract (3 Mg) Contain Antioxidant Properties And Help To Break Down Fat Cells And Stimulating The Digestion Of Fat Burning And Longer Hours And Consumption Of Calories Faster And In A Healthy And Normal.

Daadzma (2 Mg), A Mixture Of Digestive Enzymes To Help Digest Protein, Fat, Lactose And Alcabroheedarat And Maintain A Healthy Digestive System. It Also Helps To Break Down And Absorb Nutrients In The Intestines, Which Is Excellent For Vegetarians And Does Not Contain Dairy Or Soy

How To Use:

As A Dietary Supplement (For Adults 18 Years And Older) Taking Two Capsules Before Breakfast 30 Minutes, And Taking Two Capsules In The Afternoon. Do Not Take More Than 4 Capsules A Day. Do Not Take Before Bedtime To 6 Hours.

Is Recommended To Take Two Capsules During The First Two Days (Capsule Capsule In The Morning And Afternoon) With Increasing Dose Of One Capsule Two Days Later, That The Dose Up To A Maximum 4 Capsules A Day.

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