Brand: Wortie
Product Code: 220011
Price: KD13.000KD13.200

Wortie Skin Tag remover – Why is it unique?


Wortie Skin Tag remover is a unique product in the market that upholds the principles of cryotherapy.


Wortie Skin Tag remover is effective in the treatment of skin tags by providing a technology for consumers to perform topical cryosurgery at home. The Wortie technology involves freezing benign skin lesions by releasing a very cold liquid gas (cryogen) into an applicator that, in turn, becomes very cold and is able to conduct the low temperature to the skin, thereby freezing the treated area. Wortie Skin Tag remover has been developed to provide the ideal combination of performance, precision and ease of use.


1. Unique precision tip specially designed  to remove skin tags


Wortie precisely freezes the skin tag by applying the cold via a metal tip. The dome shape of the metal tip allows precise application of the cold to the skin tag. Other over-the-counter products may cause damage to surrounding skin due to direct contact of the gas to the skin. In the case of Wortie there is no direct contact of the gas with the skin, but a transfer of cold thanks to the metal tip that permits effectively to remove the skin tag in a safe way. Further protection of the surrounding skin of a skin tag is ensured by the use of the protective foam plaster, accessory to Wartie Skin Tag removal, while further targeting the application.  The conic tip, different from the flatter tip of Wortie Wart & Verruca remover, with the use of the protective plaster  allows application from a 180° angle, contacting the entire skin tag surface without damaging the surrounded skin


2. Revolutionary ease of use at home


Wortie has been designed to be easy to use. Wortie does not require assembly of small pieces and is ready to use right out of the pack. This has made Wortie almost twice as fast in use compared to some other over-the-counter brands. Wortie doesn’t require multiple applications on the same site in one session; a procedure required by some products that will be very uncomfortable to perform due to the pain experienced.


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