Vesale Vinalac

Vesale Vinalac

Brand: Vesale
Product Code: 201085
Price: KD6.800

Vinalac is the product of a patented technology developed in cooperation with the University of Liege .

These are the first specific coated tablets of Lactobacilli. This technology makes it possible to achieve better protection of the tablets during production and also combination with the vitamins.
A complex of vitamins and minerals enriched with lactobacilli and specially adapted to suit the specific needs of pregnant and breast-feeding women.
The nutritional supplement Vinalac contributes to the normal functioning of the pregnant woman’s immune system.
Vinalac makes it possible to compensate for the deficiencies in minerals and vitamins of our modern diet.
Its high iron, selenium, folic acid and iodine content helps in particular to support the normal development of the foetus.
Vinalac is the first multi-vitamin and mineral supplement  to contain 5 billion Lactobacillus rhamnosi HN 001 in each tablet.

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