Vesale Bacilac Forte

Vesale Bacilac Forte

Brand: Vesale
Product Code: 201088
Price: KD5.900

Bacilac Forte : The Vésale Pharma company put Bacilac on the market for the first time in 1996, well before the general vogue for ‘good bacteria’. It was  the first food supplement in Belgium to be based on Lactobacilli. Bacilac was developed in cooperation with the Universities of Liege and Gembloux. Bacilac Forte Intelicaps® contains two types of bacteria normally present in the intestinal flora: Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. Each capsule of Bacilac Forte Intelicaps® contains 5 billion freeze-dried Lactobacillus rhamnosi GG and Bifidobacteria Bb-12, complementary strains among the most documented world-wide. Bacilac Forte is recommended in all cases in which the intestinal flora needs a helping hand.
Bacilac Forte also has the benefit of the new encapsulation technology, INTELICAPS®, which ensures better survival of the bacteria.

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