Pearl Drops Daily Shine Freshmint Blue

Pearl Drops Daily Shine Freshmint Blue

Product Code: 211096
Price: KD1.100

Pearl Drops Daily Shine Toothpolish Freshmint is designed to help give you a daily step towards achieving that sparkling Hollywood-perfect smile. Use it to give your teeth a daily cleaning and polishing. Unlike other, harsher tooth whitening products,

Pearl Drops gently brushes away stains over time to reveal brighter, shinier teeth. The formula has been proven to reduce discoloration and plaque staining. Plaque deposits are caused by bacteria, which build up on and between the teeth. They form colonies and multiply, carrying out chemical reactions that result in bad breath and plaque deposits in the short term. In the long term, these problems can worsen, being replaced by tooth decay and gum disease.

As well as acting as a whitener and stain remover, Pearl Drops works as a plaque remover. The toothpaste clears away plaque deposits and cleans the teeth thoroughly, leaving behind a refreshed and cleansed mouth.

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