FLOSLEK - Ultra revitalizer night cream 40

FLOSLEK - Ultra revitalizer night cream 40

Brand: Floslek
Product Code: 230182
Price: KD24.000

The cream is easily to spread and is absorbed quickly, leaves a slightly lubricating film on skin.

Test results confirm:
- decrease of wrinkle length (on average by 39%)
- decrease of wrinkle depth (to 15%)
- resilience increase (increase by15%)
- lubrication increase (88% subjects)
- moisturization increase (after 5h on average 44% higher than initial level)
- improvement tightness and firmness of skin (to 12%)
- improvement of skin protection (after 5 h average protection 45%) 
- smoothness (81% subjects, average increase by 11%)
Skin is well-moisturised, soft, smooth, resilient and wrinkles are less visible

Contains vitamin E, nourishing Shea Butter, plant retinol of revitalizing effect and active form of vitamin C stimulating the synthesis of collagen, preventing the formation of free radicals and photo-ageing of skin. 

Apply the cream to the cleansed skin, spread evenly with circular movements or pat.

Effective cosmetic delaying ageing processes. Intended for daily care of mature skin susceptible to drying, becoming flabby, of decreased resilience and firmness. Recommended to people over 40 years old    

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