St Moriz Tanning Mitt

St Moriz Tanning Mitt

Brand: St. Moriz
Product Code: 245007
Price: KD2.000

St Moriz Self Tanning Applicator Mitt
If you are looking to achieve a streak free professional finish, the St. Moriz Self Tan Mitt is perfect for you!
With a specially created lotion proof barrier, the St.Morriz Self Tan Mitt helps you put the days of stained hands and streaks behind you

Preparation and Usage:
At St. Moriz we have tried lots of different ways to apply our tans (flannels, towels and even socks!) and think we have found the perfect streak free solution:
Insert your hand into the mitt.
Apply your choice of tanning product (lotion, mousse or soufflé) onto the velvety/foam side of the mitt.
Apply evenly in a smooth circular motion to your body and face and repeat if you find you need to.
Golden thought! When we use our St. Moriz Self Tan Mist, we tend to apply the mist directly to our body and then rub it in gently with our mitt!
Then you are good to glow!

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