Tepe Sweden Angle Yellow Blister 0.7 Mm

Tepe Sweden Angle Yellow Blister 0.7 Mm

Brand: TePe Sweden
Product Code: 251013
Price: KD2.200

Product details
To maintain healthy teeth and gums, it is important to keep your teeth as clean as possible. Using a regular toothbrush does not reach the area in between teeth, especially if you have a brace or a bridge.

Boots Expert TePe 0.7mm Interdental Brush – Angle is designed with a long handle and small brush head to allow easy access to those hard to reach places, helping to remove traces of food and plaque quickly and easily. Use every day after your regular brushing for healthier teeth, gums and fresh breath.

Contains 6 brushes and a travel cap.

94% of Dental Hygienists recommend TePe interdental brushes (Harris M, Eaton KA, Ross MK, Avevalo C. (2015) A Survey of Dental Hygienists in the United Kingdom in 2011. Part 4 - Prevention Skills Training and Utilisation – published in Dental Health.).

How to use
Insert brush into space between the teeth at gum level.

Once inserted, gently move the brush backwards and forwards several times to remove plaque and debris. Always rinse the brush in water after use.

Never force the brush into space.

For efficient cleaning, you may need more than one size of brush for different size spaces.

We recommend you change the brush every week or when the bristles become worn.

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