Floslek Pharma Spot Lightening Cream

Floslek Pharma Spot Lightening Cream

Brand: Floslek
Product Code: 230251
Price: KD19.000



Floslek Pharma Spot Lightening Cream
(Lightening Complex Shea Butter - UVB Filter) 
Reduces The Visibility of Spots and Number of Discoloration

Spot lightening cream:

- reduces the insensity of spots and number of discolorations,

- soothes uneven skin discolorations,

- evens out colouring - ensures perfect care and smoothes epidermis,

- improves moisturisation and lubrication;

Active components:

Etioline™ 5%, Shea butter 3%


Intended for topical application on unevenly pigmented skin,

brown spots, freckles (particularly on face, neckline, back and hands).

Ideal under makeup.


Apply the formula to the skin and spread evenly.

Use regularly twice a day for 4 weeks.

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