Omron DuoBaby 2in1 Nebulizer And Nasal Aspirator (NE-C301)

Omron DuoBaby 2in1 Nebulizer And Nasal Aspirator (NE-C301)

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Omron DuoBaby 2in1 Nebulizer And Nasal Aspirator (NE-C301)









With the 2 in 1 nebulizer and nasal aspirator, treating the most common babies’ respiratory conditions is easy and efficient.

The nasal aspirator

- Removes mucus to clear a blocked nose. Helps to reduce nasal congestion relieving the respiratory condition and preventing the risk of more respiratory infections.

- Fully and easily cleaned Completely hygienic as a result of the innovative Venturi system that characterizes this device, with no need for antibacterial filters.

Compressor Nebulizer

- Efficient delivery of medication for treating upper and lower airways conditions.

- Having two exchangeable nebulizer parts, you can treat your baby’s respiratory conditions, either in the upper or lower airways. 

- The green inhalation part is for treating upper airway diseases such as rhinitis, common cold or allergies.

- The blue inhalation part is for treating lower airway diseases such as bronchitis, bronchiolitis or asthma.

Box contains:

- Compressor Nebulizer
- Nasal aspirator
- Nebulization kit (includes two inhalation top, baby mask, adult mask, mouthpiece, 3 air filters, air tube)
- Baby mask
- Mouthpiece
- Instruction manual


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