Beurer Laser hair removal IPL 10000

Beurer Laser hair removal IPL 10000

Brand: Beurer
Product Code: 201040
Price: KD248.000
  • Professional device for long-lasting hair removal
  • Fast, safe and reliable
  • Lifetime Flashes** – includes cartridge with 150,000 light pulses
  • Fastest application - Around just 26 min to treat the entire body*
  • XXL 7cm2 light surface for especially fast treatment
  • Clinically tested technology for maximum safety at home
  • Up to 50% hair reduction after only 3 - 4 treatments
  • State-of-the-art light technology used by dermatologists for professional hair removal
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) deactivates the hair follicle deep under the skin to prevent hair growth
  • Unrivalled safety with the skin type sensor that automatically detects all suitable skin types
  • With "flash-glide" function for comfortable usage
  • Easy and safe application for use at home
  • Integrated UV filter to protect the skin
  • For the face, arms, legs, armpits and the bikini line
  • Cannot be used on dark skin
  • May be ineffective on white or light-coloured hair
  • * At the maximum energy level for arms, legs, face, armpits and the bikini line
  • ** Sufficient for 20-40 years of normal use
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