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Best collection of Hair Care items in Kuwait Online for Beauty and Health Category.

VARA spray is a revolutionary topical treatment for the eradication of head lice. It is very safe with a physical mechanism of action. It penetrates deep into the smallest breathing openings...

Agadir Agadir Dry Shampoo

"designed with a lightweight formula to remove excess oil, odor and hair product build up in-between washes & gives your hair soft texture with light control and volume."

Agadir Agadir Volumizing Conditioner

smoothes, shines and corrects dry, frizzy hair. Protects against heat and chemical damage.

Agadir Agadir Volumizing Shampoo

gives fullness to hair by infusing, essential ingredients with Argan Oil & Panthenol.

Agadir Curl Cream

helps moisturize, define and rejuvenate curls and waves.

Agadir Hair Treatment Oil

Repairs, softens and strengthens dry, brittle, frizzy, overworked hair. ... Not oily or greasy and there's no buildup so your hair will never feel heavy and flat. Reduces drying time (40-50%) with ...

Agadir Moisture Mask

is a nutrient-rich treatment mask with a sulfate-free & anti-color fade formula that offers reinforcing, shielding, smoothing benefits to your hair.

Agadir Moisturizing Conditioner

Daily Moisturizing Conditioner detangles, smoothes, shines and corrects dry, frizzy hair, while protecting against heat and chemical damage. The featherweight formula contains protective sunscreen, ...

Agadir Spray Treatment

It contains 100% pure and certified Argan oil which instantly repairs and adds elasticity to dry, damaged, frizzy hair. ... It penetrates into the hair shaft without weighing hair down and hydrates, c...

Agadir Spritz Spray

is a non-aerosol mist spray for all hair types gives strong hold for styling & finishing.

Agadir Volumizing Hair Spray

gives long lasting style control and hold while leaving hair with luxurious shine.

Agadir Volumizing Mousse

is infused with vitamin enrich argan oil that provides volume, bounce and hold it firmly and also leaves the hair moisturizied.

Ams Biotin 10,000 Mcg 60 Soft Tablets

AMS Biotin 10,000 mcg 60 Soft Tablets Skin, Hair, Body Metabolism, Improves the appearance of hair, skin, and nails Promotes metabolism of protein, carbs, and fat Helps to speed up metab...

Argan Velvet Hair Shampoo

The nourishing, smoothing, shining and rejuvenating properties of Argan Oil are renowned for repair qualities. This results in a Velvet Argan Cream which penetrates deeper into the hair fibre and is m...

Biocyte Keratine Forte Baume

For WHOM All individuals using specific repair care Individuals with dry and damaged hair Individuals lacking hair volume Individuals with fine and dull hair Main Ingredients KERATIN PLANT CE...

Biocyte Keratine Forte Conditioner

For WHOM Individuals using conditioners Individuals with dry and damaged hair Individuals lacking hair volume Individuals with fine and dull hair Main Ingredients KERATIN HYALURONIC ACID C...

Biocyte Keratine Forte Lisage Profesione Kit

The Brazilian Straightening kit Keratin Biocyte Forte is pure keratin, the vegetable protein and cystine. This kit ready for use treats and smooth hair in just two hours , for a lasting result several...

Biocyte Keratine Forte Shampoo

For WHOM All individuals using repairing shampoos Individuals with dry and damaged hair Individuals with dry and damaged hair Individuals with fine and dull hair Main Ingredient KERATIN Com...

Biocyte Keratine Gel

Biocyte Keratine Forte For Hair Health & Volume 120 Gel Caps. Imported from USA. Biocyte Keratine Forte For Hair Health & Volume 120 Gel Caps has strong keratin which helps to strengthen th...

Biocyte Keratine Max

Biocyte Keratine Max is a delicious food supplement. Our hair consists of 95% keratin, a protein formed with 18 amino acids which provides it strength and volume while protecting hair against ext...

Biocyte Keratine White Hair

For WHOM Individuals who already have gray hair Main Ingredients KERATIN MELANIN CATALASE COPPER Composition 2 capsules : Olive drupe extract Olea europaea 300 mg (of which melanin 33 mg);...

Dcl Shyampoo Sa Scalp Therapy Shampoo

A fresh, clear exfoliating scalp therapy formulated with maximum strength salicylic acid to help shed dead cells to relieve the itching, scaling and flaking of dandruff, psoriasis of the scalp and...

Dcl Shyampoo Strengthening Shampoo

A gentle daily shampoo that thoroughly cleanses while helping to repair and protect all hair types from future damage with Ceramide-2, a famously nourishing lipid complex that penetrates and reinforce...

Dcl Shyampoo T Shampoo For Hair And Body –

"DCL Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories T Shampoo for Hair and Body alleviates the urge to scratch your scalp and skin. Formulated with a therapeutic blend of essential oils and conditioners, this...

Dcl Shyampoo Zoma Shampoo –

A highly effective medicated shampoo that deeply soothes the scalp to prevent the recurrence of itching, flaking and scaling associated with dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis with a concentrated dose...

Dcl Whitening Product Ultra-Comfort Cream, 50 Ml – 50 Ml

"deeply calms sensitive skin A seriously soothing cream carefully formulated with state-of-the-art skin saving ingredients to completely comfort even the most sensitive of skins, including those ...

Ecrinal Ampoules – 8 Ampoules

" Anti-hair Loss Ampoules, Stop Hair loss & Enhance Hair Growth " One Ampoule,Twice Weekly Before Shower

Ecrinal Hair &Amp;Nail – 30 Capsules

" Anti-hair Loss Capsules, Stop Hair loss & Enhance Hair & Nail Growth " One Cap. ,Once Daily

Ecrinal Hair &Amp;Nail 3*1

" Anti-hair Loss Capsules, Stop Hair loss & Enhance Hair & Nail Growth " One Cap. ,Once Daily

Ecrinal Shampoo Men – 200 Ml

Anti -hair loss shampoo 2-3 Times Per Week

Ecrinal Shampoo Women – 200 Ml

Anti -hair loss shampoo 2-3 Times Per Week

Hairtone For Strong Hair

EVA Pharma Hairtone COMPOSITION: Each capsule contains: Thiamine HCI 60 mg D-Biotin 150 mcg Calcium Pantothenate 60 mg Vitamin E 6 mg p-Aminobenzoic acid 20 mg Medicinal Yeast 100 mg Pyrido...

Lakme K.Therapy Repair Shock Concentrate 8U X 8Ml

THE PRODUCT'S BENEFITS This intensive action concentrate nourishes and hydrates the hair deeply. It makes hair easier to disentangle and to comb leaving it with a silky feel. APPLICATION: ...

Lakme K.Therapy Sensitive Relax.Night Drops 30Ml

THE PRODUCT'S BENEFITS Cleanses gently and hydrates sensitive scalp. Thanks to its extremely gentle cleansing action it can be used every day. pH neutral. APPLICATION: Apply to the ...

Nitora Hair And Strong Nails

EVA Pharma Nitora Each film-coated tablet contains: MSM 1000 mg Zinc gluconate 52.3 mg (equivalent to Zinc 7.5 mg) Naturally maintain the strength and appearance of hair & nails. Zinc is im...

Purelogicol Hair And Nail

PureLogicol Hair And Nails Revitalising Supplement  Beauty starts from within. Stimulates hair growth and volume. Protect cells from oxidative stress. Promotes scalp health. Maximises nutrient abs...

Relive Fortifier Hair Loss Adjuvant Shampoo

An adjuvant cosmetic Shampoo to treat hair loss based on Marine Glycogen. Formulated with a unique complex of Amino Acids and Proteins combined with Extracts of Saw Palmetto, Hops, Ginger and Venus Ri...

Relive Fortifier Hair Loss Adjuvant Shampoo

An adjuvant cosmetic Shampoo to treat hair loss based on Marine Glycogen. Formulated with a unique complex of Amino Acids and Proteins combined with Extracts of Saw Palmetto, Hops, Ginger and Venus Ri...

Revitol Hair Growth Ampoules

Discover the Keratin forte power! The 8 Day Intensive Scalp Infusion Treatment: Kick-start your treatment program, address seasonal or stress related thinning or more advanced hair thinning. Contains ...

Revitol Keratin Hair Mask

REVITOL KERATIN HAIR MASK Revitol Keratin Hair Mask is the best for all types of hair especially after keratin treatment. FEATURES:  It is formulated with a blend of high quality pre...

Revitol Keratin Hair Mask

Panax Ginseng Biotin Tyrosin Niacin

Revitol Keratin Hair Serum

Revitol Keratin Hair Serum is formulated with a blend of high quality premium natural ingredients and pure micro keratin amino acids.

Revitol Keratin Hair Shampoo

Keratin Amino Acid Hydrolyzed Sweet Almond Oil Polyquaternium Panthenol Magnesumis

Rex Hair Aid-Tonic 150Ml

Post laser & post peel treatment, calms irritation cream with Liquid paraffin, Beeswax, vit- C,vit-E & Chamomile - Specially formulated for use such as laser surgery, laser resurfacing, d...

Rex Nixodil Hair Tonic 120Ml

Hair loss treatment - Dry scalp Ingredients:- Ginco Biloba 1% - Soy protein 1.4% - Glycosaminoglycans 1.5% - Vitamin E - Alcohol 20% - Chronic & reactional hair loss. - Stimulates hair ...

Rex Post Peel Cream 60Ml

Folliculitis, Pseudofolliclitis, ingrown hairs &Razor Bumps treatment for men and women Method of use: Apply before and after shaving or waxing, continue the use of Bump-X will help razor bum...

Rex Restoring Shampoo 250Ml

Hair loss treatment - Oily scalp Ingredients :- Biotin 0.3 % - Lecithin 1.5 % - Glycosaminoglycans 1.3 % - Bone marrow 1.6 % - Alcohol 40 % - Prevent hair loss and encourages regrowth. - St...

Rex Revitalizing Shampoo 240Ml

Gently cleans scalp and hair follicles of excess sebum and cholesterol stimulated by dihydroxytestrone,one of the factors believed to cause baldness. Special ingredients penetrate the heir shaft,...

Sensilab Skinlift Collagen

15 sachets Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails. Use: 1 sachets daily, dissolved in 2 dl of water, preferably after a meal.

Toskani Anti – Hair Loss Lotion –

The TOSKANI Anti-hair Loss Lotion is an advanced aesthetic solution to treat hair loss and alopecia. It has been designed as a home-care treatment and it is the perfect complement to anti-hair loss tr...

Uriage Ds Lotion Sp 100Ml

D.S. Lotion is a non-greasy regulating solution for daily use. The scalp rapidly returns to normal it regains its healthy appearance and dandruff disappears.

Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 Caps

# 1 Brand: Perfectil is proud to be the UK's # 1 Brand, according to Nielsen GB ScanTrack Total Coverage Unit Sales 52 w / e December 1, 2018. Vitamins for Beauty - A scientific blend of essential vi...

Vitabiotics Wellman Shampoo 250Ml

shampoo with more impact, Wellman Shampoo is enriched with nutrients and formulated specifically for the needs of men. Cleanse and invigorate your hair and scalp Advanced polymers to add hair ...

Yapapou Anti Lice Lotion 100Ml

Yapapou Anti-Lice Lotion 50ml Kills lice, nits and eggs and prevents re-infestation - Unique coconut oil based anti-lice hair lotion. It is able to kill lice, nits and eggs by suffocation. - Yapapo...


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