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Best collection of Weight scales in Kuwait Online for Healthcare Equipments Category.
Beurer Air Humidifire & Air Cleaner – Lw 220

Air purification with HUMIDIFICATION: 2 in 1. The intake air of the room to the humidification discs water molecules absorb, house dust, are at the same time wash off pollen etc HYGIENIC: The air...

Beurer Baby Scale By 80

Weighing a wriggling baby is now child's play the weight can be recorded correctly even when the baby is moving thanks to the baby scale with automatic and manual hold function.

Beurer Diagnostic Scale Bf 195

A real show-stopper! The round illuminated LCD display and the modern frame make the scale a true eye-catcher.

Beurer Digital Bathroom Scale Ps 160

The personal bathroom scale is a real eye-catcher with its elegant glass insert. The large LCD display makes weighing exceptionally easy.

Beurer Digital Bathroom Scale Ps 240

The personal bathroom scale's soft-grip surface ensures you have comfortable and secure footing. The elegant stainless steel casing and the illuminated black display make the scale a real eye-catcher ...

Beurer Digital Glass Scale – Blue Tooth – Gs 485

Innovative scale, records and connects data between the scale and smartphone via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) With BMI calculation Suitable for heavier persons, with a maximum weight capacity of 180 kg Fi...

Beurer Digital Glass Scale Designer Gs 205

The timeless, modern design and the blue backlit display of the glass bathroom scale liven up your bathroom.

Beurer Digital Glass Scale GS 300

Safety glass and silicone are the perfect combination to prevent slipping on the scale. Stay on the safe side with the non-slip surface.

Beurer Digital Glass Scale Gs 490

This scale adds a true stylish touch. The stylish border with a high-quality chrome finish adds a touch of class to any bathroom.

Beurer Digital Glass Scale Soda Gs 201

Your bathroom is anything but boring with the glass bathroom scale with printed motif with colour accent.

Beurer Digital Glass Scale Spring Gs 207

The flowers are in bloom. The glass bathroom scale with floral printed motif and purple base colour adds a splash of colour to your bathroom.

Beurer Digital Glass Scale Squares Gs 206

Mosaic effect in your bathroom. The glass bathroom scale with printed motif, large LCD display and automatic switch-off makes this possible.

Beurer Digital Glass Scale Toffee Gs 212

This contemporary, toffee-coloured scale has a large sturdy standing surface (dimensions: 32 x 30.5cm) made of thick safety glass, and is suitable for weighing heavier persons (maximum weight capacity...

Beurer Glass Diagnostic Scale Bg 55

High quality design Everything at a glance With interpretation and trend display Extra large display for simultaneous display of the values determined Interpretation of body weight, bo...

Beurer Glass Scale – Boat – Gs 215

Stunning design: the scale comes in the form of an elegant boat and a 27mm high dot matrix display that appears only during measurement. Sturdy construction: the digital scale platform, 30 x 30 cm wi...

Beurer Glass Scale – Gs 11

Contemporary glass bathroom scales. Easy to read LCD digital display. Adjustable between kg/lb/st. Toughened safety glass. 1 Year Warranty

Beurer Glass Scale – Gs 235

Secure footing thanks to the non-slip surface Elegant surface with matt tile structure Magic LED: invisible display – only appearsduring measurement White, easy-to-read display Modern dot matrix ...

Beurer Glass Scale – Magic L.E.D – Gs 225

Measurement 180 kg / 100 g Large Digits LCD Display (2.8cm) Automatic shutdown and overload warning Safety glass (30 X 30 cm) Weight system in Kg/lb/s

Beurer Glass Scale – Relax – Gs 215

Stunning design: the scale comes in the form of an elegant boat and a 27mm high dot matrix display that appears only during measurement. Sturdy construction: the digital scale platform, 30 x 30 cm wi...

Beurer Glass Scale 150 Kg – Gs 202

Product - GS 202 Graduation / load-bearing capacity - 100 g / 150 kg Size of digits in mm - 40 Standing surface in cm - 30 x 30 Switch-on technology - Automatic switch on / switch off

Beurer Glass Scale 180 Kg – Gs 10

Easy to store- exceptionally slim at just 19 mm Easy-to-read lcd display, digit size: 26 mm, change over kg/lb/system, capacity: 180 kg, graduation: 100 g Overload indication, quick-start-technology...

Beurer Glass Scale GS 208

The GS 208 personal scale from Beurer with safety glass tread and in modern colors can be loaded up to 150 kg and has an extra-large display. In addition, the modern scale can be switched to kg / lb /...

Beurer Glass Scale Gs 51 Xxl

Monitor your health and manage your long-term weight loss goals with the help of the GS51 XXL Digital Glass Scale from Beurer. It offers a maximum 200 kilogram user capacity, displays the time and tem...

Beurer Glass Scale Magnolia Gs 211

This glass bathroom scale with printed motif is the right accessory for anyone who likes floral designs.

Beurer Glass Scale Steel Gs 36

Say goodbye to fingerprints! With the coated surface, this scale is particularly easy to clean and looks elegant thanks to its printed motif.

Beurer Kitchen Scale – Ks 22

Current sandwich design Weighing surface made of brushed stainless steel Can hold 3 kg, 1g increments Tare function, automatic power-off, switch between g and oz, non-slip rubber feet, includes bat...

Beurer Kitchen Scale Ks 25

Cooking has never been easier with this scale. The removable bowl allows you to measure out your ingredients easily and precisely.

Beurer Kitchen Scale Ks 29

Cooking has never been easier with this scale. The bowl allows you to measure out your ingredients easily and precisely.

Beurer Kitchen Scale Ks 32

Particularly practical the large bowl makes weighing and clearing up afterwards easier, as the scale can be stored in the bowl in order to save space.

Beurer Luggage Scale – Dynamo Power – Ls 20

The environmentally friendly LS 20 is environmentally friendly and resource-efficient without batteries - just press to get the charge needed for a measurement. The practical luggage scale (dimension...

Beurer Luggage Scale – Tape Measure – Ls 6

Never pay more at the airport or bales that you have not taken that one pair of shoes with you. From now on you will be well prepared for traveling and you will know exactly how much luggage you carry...

Beurer Luggage Scale Ls 10

Ideal for air travel you will never pay excess baggage charges again with the small and handy luggage scale.

Beurer Mechanical Bathroom Scale Ms 01

Analog display Modern design Large and easy-to-clean standing surface 1 kg graduation 120 kg capacity Usable without batteries

Beurer Mechanical Scale Ms 50

Classic design. The mechanical personal bathroom scale stands out due to its full view scale and non-slip surface.

Beurer Personal Scale – Ps 891

Bathroom scales to 180 kg, large LCD display, digit height 3.8 cm, resolution 100g design mosaics of stone

Beurer Ultrasound Air Humidifire LB 37

Our ambient air often becomes too dry when using indoor heating with the air humidifier, you can bring the relative air humidity to an optimum level. Feel good in your home!

Beurer Usb Diagnostic Scale Bf 480

our long-term fitness evaluation using the PC HealthManager Software for planning and monitoring training and for health management Extra large LCD display (digit size 40 mm) With USB cab...

Eufy Smart Scale P1 – Black/White

HOLISTIC HEALTH: Instantly learn 14 insightful measurements of your body's health, such as Weight, Body Fat, BMI, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, and more. USE WITH 3RD-PARTY APPS: Track your measureme...

Laica Baby Scale

Electronic children’s personal scale. – Tare function: reset the scale after placing a towel or soft cloth on the plate – WEIGHT LOCK function: useful to maintain the baby’s weight in the ...

Laica Elictronic Scale Ps1054

Helps to monitor the growth of your baby. Large LCD display for easy reading. TARE function allows you to zero the scale if a blanket/nappy is used. WEIGHT,BLOCK function allows a steady weight to be ...

Laica Personal Scale Body Composition Ps7002

LAICA PERSONAL SCALE BODY COMPOSITION PS7002  Fitness is an important part of your life and now you’re ready to move to a higher level. Whether it’s to get fitter, lose weight or just for t...

Laica Personal Scale Body Fat &Amp; Water Ps4007

Electronic scale with Bodyfat and Bodywater calculation. – Measures weight – Calculates fat % – Water %  

Omron Body Composition Monitor – Hbf 212

Your ideal health & beauty companion! Know your weight, BMI, visceral fat and body fat percentage in a few seconds!

Omron Body Composition Monitor – Hbf-214-Ebw

This is probably the simplest way of checking your body fat, body weight and BMI. The HBF214 will also give you readings on skeletal muscle for a complete overview of your body composition and it will...

Omron E-Omron Scale Hn288

You don’t have to calculate anything in your head or worry about the dial being obscured by the thing you’re trying to weigh. While four sensors incorporated into the design make sure every readin...

Omron Ebk-Scale Midnight Black Hn289

Increments:100g, Maximum weight capacity:150g, Material:glass/plastic,on/off technology:Auto on/off Product Description Automatic measurement - just stand on the scale 100g increments in we...

Omron Viva Body Composition Monitor

Wireless Bluetooth Convenience: Syncs to the free OMRON Heart Advisor app on your iOS or Android devices for unlimited readings and the OMRON Health skill  enabled devices Smart Tracking: In...

Sanitas Sanitas Glass Scale Sgs 03

Impressive blue LCD illumination With extra large LCD display Digit size: 40 mm Platform of safety glass 150 kg weight capacity 100 g graduation Automatic switch-on / switch-off ...


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