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Beurer Manual Breast Pump BY 15 + Beurer Baby Scale BY 80

Original price was: 59.70 KWD.Current price is: 53.75 KWD.

Bionnex Preventiva Kids Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 + 50 ml

Original price was: 8.80 KWD.Current price is: 7.92 KWD.

"Embrace the journey of motherhood with Pharmatee's Maternity & Baby Care Category in Kuwait. Discover a nurturing selection that caters to the unique needs of both expectant mothers and precious infants. From cutting-edge breast pumps to essential pregnancy and postpartum care, our collection includes a range of products for milk and nutrition, diapers, cotton wipes, feeding and collecting tools, and accessories for breast care. Pharmatee is your trusted companion, offering quality maternity and nursing essentials to ensure the well-being of both mom and baby. Shop with confidence for a wholesome start to this beautiful chapter."