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Accu Home Pregnancy Test 1+2

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Accu Home Pregnancy Test
The AccuHome Pregnancy Test is a Simple,accurate and fast pregnancy test for home use. You may perform the perfecta pregnancy test using your midstream urine or you may collect your urine in a cup and follow the optional procedure. Soon after a women becomes pregnant,her body produces a hormone called HCG which can be dectected in urine. The AccuHome Pregnancy Test uses sensitive and specific antibodies to test HCG in urine.

Just before use,remove the test stick from the foil pouch. Uncap the stick holding the test stick by the thumb Grip, place the absorbent end downward and directly into your urine stream. Urinate on the absorbant end of the stick (at atleast 3 seconds). Do not urinate on the windows.

For your convenience, re-cap the test stick place it on a flat surface while the test develops.

While you are waiting for your result, you may notice a colored solution moving across the window. This is normal. You need to wait 3 Minutes to confirm the result. The test should not be evaluated after 10 minutes.

If 2 pink lines appear that is one line in the “Round” window and another line in the “Triangles control window”. The test is positive and you can assume you are pregnant even if the lines are very light in colour.

If only one line appears in the “Triangle control Window” the test is negative and you assume you are not pregnant.

If a pink line does not appear in the “Triangle Control Window” the test is invalid. The reason may be absorbant tip was not throughly saturated with urine. Then re-dip the absorbant for an addtional 15 seconds and wait 3 minutes to read the results. Still no pink lines appears try next day with new strips.


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