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Advancis Hair Strength & Growth Capsule

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Advancis® Hair Strength & Growth is a food supplement constituted by a proantocyanidines optimised complex, wheat germ oil and gamma-oryzanol, associated with B-complex vitamins, zinc and vitamin E. The combined action of these bioactive composites provides a supplementary action in the decrease of hair loss.
This unique and integrated formula are presented in SelfCaps™ .

What is SelfCaps™?
SelfCaps™ Is An Innovative And Optimized Pharmaceutical Form, Presented As Hard Capsules With A Self-Emulsified Liquid Formulation Content Which Ensures The Rapid, Effective Absorption Of Active Ingredients, Thereby Has A More Effective Action.

When to Recommend
– Helps decrease seasonal or chronic hair loss
– Thin and volumeless hair
– Nail strengthening

Recommended Daily Dosage
Take 1 capsule in the morning and repeat at night with a glass of water, without any obligation to take it with meals.

To obtain the intended results, use continuously for a period of 3-4 months.

The intake should be repeated twice a year, preferably during the Winter and the Summer (seasonal hair loss periods).


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