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Biocol Green Coffee (Hot & Cold)

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Green coffee is known for its inclusion in low calorie diets, which power the metabolization of metabolism, thus promoting the loss of body volume. For this reason it is highly recommended to increase the beneficial effects of tracking a hypocaloric diet and physical exercise on a regular basis.

Biocol Green Coffee is a suitable supplement for people who have obesity which combines the action liporeductor of the green coffee com an draining effect and diuretic. In addition, Biocol Green Coffee has antioxidant properties that help fight the signs of aging, primarily by its high content in polyphenols.

Among the other benefits of green coffee are:

  • Filling action: allow us to be more hours without feeling hungry.
  • Increased lipolytic activity: reduces lipids that accumulate in our white fabrics.
  • Limitation of the absorption of calories from sweets and starches.
  • Anti-cellulite action.


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