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Biocyte Keratine Forte Lisage Profesione Kit

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The Brazilian Straightening kit Keratin Biocyte Forte is pure keratin, the vegetable protein and cystine. This kit ready for use treats and smooth hair in just two hours , for a lasting result several weeks.

Keratin smoothing Strong smoothing treatment is the only one to make at home containing bioactive keratin in all of the products included kit. It is suitable for all types of hair, wavy to very curly and frizzy same , the hair has undergone treatments such as highlights, perms, straightening , and to dull hair , brittle , fragile and damaged.

Besides smoothing the hair, the kit sheath, nourishes , repairs , moisturizes , strengthens and protects . Indeed , keratin is a natural component of the hair, which protects it from external aggression and protects . The Brazilian Keratin smoothing Biocyte brings this natural protein in hair quantity, repairing the deep and bringing dramatic softening and smoothing effects.

The hair is smooth, shiny, soft and flexible , and remain several weeks. The styling time is greatly reduced and appearance remains natural.

Contains four 100 ml bottles :

  • 1 x Keratin Shampoo Forte ( Step 1).
  • Keratin Smoothing Treatment 1 x Forte ( Step 2).
  • 1 x Keratin Forte Fixer (Step 3).
  • 1 x Keratin Conditioner Forte ( Step 4).
  • 1 comb + 1 pair of gloves.


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