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Biocyte Tricarnitine 500Ml

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Biocyte Tri-Carnitine 500ml is a food supplement with 3 sources of Carnitine with sweetener. Ideal for those wishing to do a training in order to control their weight and to eliminate the toxins, it acts thanks to the raspberry ketones that allow an intense destock of fats.

Recommended for people who practice a moderate to intense sport, athletes who want to prepare a competition, active people during the day, this food supplement accelerates the combustion of stored fatty acids, increases the level of energy available, activates weight loss and promotes muscles dryness.

Raspberry taste.

This bottle of 500 ml = 33 servings.

Use : 

Drink the equivalent of a tea spoon (15ml) pure or diluted in a glass of water once a day, 45 minutes before a training.
Not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Indication: To control one’s weight and to eliminate toxins.


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