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Biocyte Water Detox Well-Being

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  • Biocyte Water Detox Well-Being is a food supplement in form of powder which is composed of delicious fruits and plants : Artichokes, Orange, Ginger. It contributes effectively to the detoxification.
  • Accumulation of toxins in the excretory (intestines, liver, kidneys) is caused by food excess, pollution, alcohol, etc. Your organism slowed dangerously and defends less, which causes recurring colds, chronic tiredness, bloating, troubled transit. That is why Water Detox Well-Being will allow you to eliminate effectively the toxins accumulated.
  • This food supplement is ideal for the persons who want a detox product based of natural ingredients, or who feel bloated and heavy. It is ideal also if you want to drink a fruity and sugar free drink or for the persons who do not consume food supplements for lack of taste.
  • Water Detox Well-Being contains Artichokes extract which allows to contribute to the detoxification and helps to maintain your liver in good health. It contains also Ginger powder which helps to the digestion and contributes to the physique well-being.
  • Orange flavor.
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